Lash Training in Vancouver, BC - meet our Educator Lexi!

Lash Training in Vancouver, BC - meet our Educator Lexi!

by Sebrena Krywulak

We are so excited about this team feature!

Get ready to laugh, be intrigued, and be left wanting more to read.

Meet our Vancouver, BC Educator Lexi! She is originally from Alberta, but has relocated to Vancouver. She owns La Piña Lash Studio and has a team of her own!

 She is quirky, nerdy and loves to learn. She brings more than a decade of Lash Industry experience to the team.

She is hilarious - we couldn't stop laughing, and we know you'll feel the same!

We won't keep you waiting a moment longer - here is Lexi


Tell us a little about yourself (what you do for Lash Line, where you're from, how you started your studio, how you became an educator for Lash Line)
I was born and raised in Fort McMurray, Alberta and moved to Vancouver immediately after high school to pursue a career in the beauty industry! I literally grew up in the back stage of theatre and was drawn to how easily makeup could transform someone into an entirely new person. This created a curiosity in me that I just couldn't ignore. 

I've worked in fashion, film and weddings. I first learned how to do eyelash extensions in 2010 (trust me, the industry was not what it was today!) and a whole new world opened up for me. Fast forward 7 years and I decided to leave the studio I was working for and go out on my own.

The journey was actually quite serendipitous, as I took steps to be a solo lash artist things kept falling into my lap (ahem, a studio in an amazing location) and I just couldn't ignore the universe! Our studio's ethos is fair compensation and respect for individual artists. I wanted to create a space where artists had their own independence while feeling like they were part of a team - so I did exactly that!

Shortly after starting my own studio I made sure to get in touch with all my lash artist contacts that I had met over the years. When Jessi and I connected we chatted about my future ambitions and I was thrilled when she asked me to be a part of her team as an educator. 

The pieces of the puzzle keep falling in their places. I like to take it as a sign from the universe I'm on the right path. 

What drew you to Lash Line as a brand?
I was drawn to the people before I even tried the products! Speaking with Jessi one on one after starting my business was so inspiring, and once I had the opportunity to connect with Cara, I knew I had to be a part of this team. 

Of course, after I placed my first order I was HOOKED. Not only are the products well designed and of the highest quality (uhm, after 12 years in the industry I have tried A LOT of products) but their customer service is unparalleled. 

Also, can we talk about their *droolworthy* branding and design? I feel like having their products at my station adds an extra layer of luxury and professionalism that my clients take stock of.  


What is the best place you've travelled to?
Guadalajara in Mexico! I LOVE big cities. I have come to accept that I am not a sleep on the beach at a resort kind of girl. Drop me in a 1.3 million person city (preferably alone) and let me live like a local and I'm my happiest. I met so many wonderful people in Guadalajara (all the vegan foodies knew each other!) and it led me on some wonderful adventures (like going to the luchadores with a Ukrainian ballerina).

What can I say, I'm a pretty good time 😂

What do you love about the Lash Industry?
After years of doing makeup I realized that what I love to do is not CHANGE someone's face. I want to emphasize THEIR beauty. Lashes can be an amazing source of confidence for some women and I am so grateful for their trust in letting me take care of them. In a world full of makeup tutorials and procedures to look like someone else, lashes work with how YOU look. I think it's incredible how even a lash lift and tint can make someone more confident to go out in the world, and that's such a gift to be able to make someone feel good about themselves.


What do you like to do in your spare time?
Nerd alert!! I'm a huge reader. Particularly non-fiction. I just can't stop learning! 

But I love baking, cooking, going to the gym, old Japanese imported cars, a good conversation while sipping a $18 cocktail, and getting outside for a hike or swim in the ocean.

If I had to describe myself based off my hobbies I'd say Barbie Betty Crocker in a white 1987 Mazda RX-7 (with a glass sunroof) who can succinctly explain Marxist Feminism in laymens terms. I've got layers.

Favourite food?
I live and die for vegan Vietnamese! Vancouver has some amazing spots. I'm definitely that person who enjoys pho all year round in any weather.

That wraps up our team feature series. We hope you loved getting to know all of the amazing people that make Lash Line what it is! We loved sharing all the amazing people on our team and we hope this help you put a face to the name! 

Catch ya later ;) 


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