Meet Our Marketing Consultant - Megana

Meet Meg! A professional grammar police and wordsmith who’s equally passionate about writing and content marketing, Meg has been in communications and marketing for nearly 8 years.

As Lash Line’s marketing consultant, Meg stays busy behind the scenes, zig-zagging from advertising to SEO to get Lash Line in front of as many lash artists’ screens as possible.

She loves empowering people and building communities — it’s one of the main things that drew her to Lash Line and the strong, funny, tight-knit crew of women who staff and run it! On an average (non-pandemic) weekend, you can find Meg catching up on news and politics, planning her next road trip, or trying to book a table at the newest restaurant in town.


Without further adieu - here's the Q+A with our marketing queen Megana!


Tell us a little about yourselves!

I’ve been a communications and marketing professional for nearly 8 years! I LOVE reading and writing, and I’m a digital marketing nerd. I’m an extrovert to the MAX and love meeting new people — I live for travelling, parties, good food, and great conversations!


How did you get started with Lash Line?

I’ve been lucky enough to know Jessi personally for a few years, and she and Cara called me up out of the blue last year! I had recently started a communications and marketing consulting business, and they asked me to join their incredible team — the rest is history! 


What is one important skill that you think everyone should have?

A lot of people think empathy is a personality trait, but I think it’s something you practice. I firmly believe that empathy builds bridges and makes everyone better at what they do, whether you’re a business owner, a teacher, a lash artist, or a marketer! It’s what helps make the world a better place. 


What is your favorite item you’ve bought this year

SWEATERS. The Instagram algorithm got me good over the pandemic, and I suddenly found myself shelling out for every cozy, chunky sweater I could find! 


What are some things you do behind the scenes to help grow Lash Line?

I focus on getting as many eyeballs on Lash Line as possible by focusing on advertising and SEO. I also help put together marketing campaigns along with the rest of the fab team! 


If you were famous, what would you be famous for?

Talking way, way, wayyyyy too much. Is there an Olympic sport for conversations with strangers? 


Tell us something people would never guess about you

I like to (attempt to) build furniture! My builds don’t always go perfectly, but I’ve tried my hand at making patio furniture, coffee tables, console tables, and dining benches. It’s something I keep trying to get better at, and I LOVE buying power tools!  


Thanks for joining us again this week! We love sharing all the unique and amazing people who make Lash Line what it is! 

Next week we will be featuring our Lash Line Educators - see you then! 




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