While many of us may be at home in self isolation, you cant help but worry about the impact this could have on your small business. You may have thought “What could I do to recession proof my business?” 

Well we’re happy you asked! As the Owners of Lash Line , a lash extension product line and academy, as well as their own Lash Studios - Jessi and Cara had asked themselves those same questions over the years, and made changes to help protect their businesses - Changes that WORKED! So they decided to sit down and film this FREE WEBINAR to share many of those tips with you. 

While you may not know exactly what the future holds for business, you can take this time to learn what will give you a step up over your competitors to ensure your business is recession proof. This information will give you the tools you need to go back to work & make better financial decisions to grow your business amidst all this uncertainty.

Thank you for watching!