LASH LINE - Best friend energy with premium lash products + education

We're a house for the rule breakers, the passion seekers and those people who thrive on being authentically themselves while passionately creating lash sets.

LASH LINE supports artists in full-circle entrepreneurship, and we practice what we preach when we say community over competition. It's the foundation we've built our business around, and it's shown in the owner's story.

Our Founder, Jessi Love, began LASH LINE solo, eventually training now Co-Owner Cara Kapler as a LASH LINE classic eyelash student. After 2 years of mentorship and a flourishing dynamic, they became business partners in 2018. Since then, LASH LINE has expanded to new heights and has trained hundreds of artists across Canada while supplying our products worldwide.

Honestly, we started out as 100% business with no intentions of becoming friends. It's funny how sometimes life surprises you by introducing you to a best friend, a surrogate sister, and a lifelong bond. That's the case for Jessi and Cara. Business has evolved into family, with becoming best friends (even the husbands are bffs) and we cant help but feel like long lost family. WEIRD RIGHT?! We know.

Since the beginning until now, LASH LINE continues to empower women to earn a competitive income in any situation. Whether you're a stay-at-home mom looking for extra cash flow or a college grad looking to start your own business - lashing is an incredible opportunity, and we're here to help!

We're in the business of human connection, its just a bonus we get to sell kick ass lash products too. We hope you'll stick around friend, because we love having you here! 


All our love, 
Jessi + Cara

Cara and Jessi taking a selfie dressed up in professional attire.Cara and Jessi facing away from the camera wearing Disney mickey mouse ears with LASH LINE on the back