This Canadian lash brand is run by one of the most unique partnerships in the industry.  Their student and mentor relationship as well as being two direct competitors developed into an incredible partnership. Jessi and Cara have grown Lash Line into a brand known for community, quality and passion.
Lash Line stands out as a fully inclusive brand for all styles of lash artists - everyone is welcome to be apart of the Lash Line family.
With their humour, creativity and expertise - Jessi and Cara strive to help push the industry forward in every aspect. They understand that lash artists are just that - ARTISTS.
Lash Line will be a brand to help each individual have the proper training and tools to truly share their art with the world. If you're looking for a brand built on inclusivity, quality and team mentality - Lash Line is the brand for you.
Jessi & Cara xx

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