Learn from an International Award Winning Lash Artist.

To be the Master in your craft, you need to study under them.
In this course, Cara Kapler, Muti-award winning Lash Artist and 2020 Nominee for "Lash Artist of the Year" will be showing exactly how she lashes a client from start to finish. Whether you're wanting to learn Crystallizing, Adhesive Troubleshooting, or How to Increase your lashing speed without compromising your quality - Cara shows it all. The techniques in this course are what won Cara the NALA 2019 Technique Award, and Place SILVER at the Royal Canadian Lash Championships. You won't want to miss this!


In This Course You'll Learn...

  • Adhesive FAQ + Trouble Shooting Retention Issues
  • Multiple Expert Fanning Techniques
  • Practical + Proven Tips To Cut Down Your Lashing Time
  • Real Time Videos Of Crystallization + Storage Of ProMade Fans
  • Editorial Vs Client Lashing
  • FAST Correcting Of Fans + Bases
  • Adhesive + Environment
  • Increase Speed WITHOUT Compromising Quality
  • Easy Way For Achieving Needle Thin Bases


Course Options: 

Volume Mastery - No Kit 
(This will give you access to the online course + Certification Only)
Volume Mastery - With Kit ($230 Product Value)

Full Access to the online course + certification as well as a kit full of product that is featured in the course!  

Kit Contents: 

- 2ml bottle of Revolve 0.5 second Dry Time Adhesive 
- Boot Tweezer 
- 5 Single Length Lash Trays 7mm-11mm 
- Glue Pods for adhesive, and assisting in base correction
- Easy Release Blue Tape
- 25 Gel Pads


Enjoy taking this lash training at home, on your own time! Whether it takes you 1 day, or 3 months - you have all the time you need! 


Other Features in this Course:

- 4K Video Quality
- Picture + Picture (multiple angles per shot)
- Lifetime Support + Access to the course
- Exclusive Product Discounts
- Real Time techniques on a Model
- Community Board to connect with other artists