Second Chance - Pre Made Fans 3D D Curl 0.07 - 8-11mm

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Throw away everything you THINK you know about Pre Made Fans & Get ready to be blown away with our At the Ready Pre Made Lashes!

Available in 3D, 6D and 10D - we carry a full range of sizes depending on your preference as an Artist. Whether thats a subtle 3D set, or a Glam, Bold 10D set! We have you covered. 

What makes our fans different?

Heat Bonded Bases - Our fans are heat bonded at the base, allowing for a beautiful narrow base without adding extra weight like some glue bonded lashes. This helps protect the safety of your clients natural lashes

Consistent Narrow Bases & Symmetry with fan width -  One of the best parts about these lashes is that each one of these fans are consistent quality, and perfectly symmetrical width with each fan. This ensures your set turns out as flawless as you are. 

Double Heated for Ultimate Curl Retention - Double heating the lashes during the manufacturing process ensures ULTIMATE Curl Retention for these fans! Never worrying about these lashes relaxing or falling flat for your client

Foil Backing - All strips come with a silver foil backing for easy release from the lash card and your lash tile! 

Available In C and D Curl 
* the D curl of these lashes is similar to the Pro Silk CC Curl

3D Tray (using 0.07 diameter) - approx. 640 fans per tray

6D Tray (using 0.05 diameter) approx. 320 fans per tray

10D Tray (using 0.05 diameter)- approx. 320 fans per tray

Available in 2 sizes - 8-11mm Length and 12-15mm Length (We recommend buying both trays for a fully dimensional set!)

Who are 'Ready Made' or 'Pre Made' lashes a good fit for? 

- Clients who have arrived late. These fans help speed up your lash application by allowing you to lash your client with volume fans, at a classic lashing speed. 

- Lash Artists who are currently not Volume lash trained, or not as fast with volume as they would like to be! That's ok - we all started somewhere! These Ready made fans allow you as a Classic Lash Artist to offer Hybrid and Volume to your service menu. Ensure you are transparent with your client that this is not hand made volume - but premade volume. 

* Always ensure you have strong isolation and no stickies when working with all ready made fans. Ensure to assess the clients Natural lash to choose the right diameter for that client to not compromise the integrity of their lashes. If you are unsure which diameter is right for your client - reach out to us and we would be happy to help! 

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