SET (Step 2) Lash + Brow Lift System

SET (Step 2) will neutralize LIFT (Step 1). It will strengthen the broken bonds set them into their new shape (Lash Lift and/or Brow Lift) 

In a Lash Lift - this encourages the lashes to take on the shape of the silicone shield and relinquish their natural shape

In a Brow Lift - this softens and breaks down the disulfide bonds so the brows can be manipulated and styled to achieve the clients desired look 

 Processing Times:


Fine lashes: 8-10 minutes

Normal lashes: 10-11 minutes

Coarse lashes: 11-13 minutes


Fine hair: 5-7 minutes

Normal hair: 7-9 minutes

Coarse hair: 8-10 minutes

*Brow adhesive should be used on coarse hair ONLY.
You will need to add an additional 2 minutes to processing time for Step 1 and Step 2. The adhesive acts as a thin barrier for the lifting solution (Step 1) making it more difficult to penetrate. Use the adhesive sparingly. 

 Why Choose the Lash + Brow Lift System?

2 - IN - 1: 2 services, 1 system — spend less time fussing with inventory and more time MAKING THAT MONEY, HONEY
DOUBLE YOUR $$$$: Give your client a brow lamination AND lash lift at the same time using our ultra-safe formulation. Because it's time to give yourself a raise — and we'll help you do that. 
GET YOUR MONEY'S WORTH: Less is NOT more — 20 mLs gives you up to 40 lash lifts or 35 brow lifts compared to the industry-standard 5 mL bottles
FLEXIBLE PROCESSING TIMES: At 5 - 13 minutes (depending on the hair type and service), this product may not be as fast as Usain Bolt. BUT the processing times caters to wherever you are in your lash career, whether you're a newbie or a pro. 
SAFE: Get a kickass lift with a formula so gentle, it lifts lashes and brows while reducing the risk of irritation
OUR GUARANTEE: You won’t find bromate in ANY of these products — we follow the strictest Health Canada requirements

Additional Features:

20 mL bottle size

Bromate Free 

Paraben Free


Cruelty Free

SET (Step 2) – Aqua, Disodium tin Hexahydroxide, Hydrogen Peroxide Solution, D-glucopyanose, C16-18-alkyl Glycosides, Disodium Hydrogen Phosphate Dodecahydrate, Alpha-Dimethylphenethyl Alcohol*This product is only available for purchase and use by professionals 


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