5 Lash Products You Need to Stock up on Before the Holiday Rush

by Megana Ramaswami

We're not trying to be like your neighbour who puts up his Christmas lights in September, or your local mall that starts playing holiday music when you're still raking leaves, but here's the thing — the holidays are coming. And as a lash artist, that means one thing — PANDEMONIUM. 

Between everybody's holiday parties and dinners, a rush of brand new clients clamouring for an appointment, and the last-minute requests to squeeze in a set, December is a great month for $$$ — but that means you have to prepare for it. That's why we've put together a handy-dandy list of everything you should be fully stocked on and get prepped in November. That way, come December 1st, all you've gotta do is figure out where to squeeze in those last minute clients!

1. Butter and Black Lashes

There is nothing worse than having a jam packed schedule and you realize you’re running low on your go to curl and diameter. Make sure you are STOCKED on lashes! Lashes don’t expire, so having a few extras on hand will save you from panic ordering on Friday night hoping your order will arrive in time! 


2. Adhesive 

During the cooler months we love Revolve adhesive! Did you know that all of our adhesives can be kept unopened in the fridge for up to 6 months! You’ll be able to plan ahead by ordering an extra bottle of adhesive without worrying about it going to waste! 


3. Primer

Lash Primer is your retention knight in shining armour! Lash Primer is used to prep your client's natural lashes prior to applying eyelash extensions. Our primer will remove oil and makeup residue off the natural lashes and provide the most favourable conditions for adhesion. It gently dries the lashes, which allows the extensions to adhere longer to the natural lashes. If you’re booked solid you don’t have time to squeeze in fixes! Save your client’s lash sets with Primer. 


4. Lash Artist Pro Tape 

If you’ve ever struggled with your lash tape you know how frustrating it is! Pesky fibers caught in lashes and tweezers and spoolies? Bottom lashes popping out and up into your work area? Naturals clinging or caught on tape fibers? 

You don’t have time for that! Say goodbye to all of these problems and say hello to Pro-Tape! Our Pro Tape makes combing, isolation and application near effortless. Pro tape is perfect for sensitive clients! If they can’t wear under eye gel pads - just use Pro Tape!


5. Rinse + Repeat Lash Shampoo 

There is nothing worse than a client who comes in with dirty lashes. Clean lashes last longer! Product comes sealed in plastic - no need to worry about leaks! It is the perfect addition to every lash artist's aftercare shelf! Retail is a great way to make some extra money this holiday season! Purchase your shampoo in bundles of 10 to save and increase your profit margin even more! 


You know the saying failing to plan is planning to fail! Don’t be caught without your essentials this holiday season. Fill your books and your carts! Stock up today! 

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