How it Works:
Welcome to THE LOYALTY LIST! We designed this program with you, our loyal Lash Line customer, in mind. Whether you buy our lashes, adhesives, tweezers, or more -- you’re now going to be rewarded for each dollar spent, and each act of loyalty. Now you can earn stars every time you shop our products or show some love! Redeem your Stars for additional rewards, like free products and perks, special discounts or free express shipping.

Refer A Friend

GIVE $20 + GET $20!

Already bragging about your love of Lash Line with your lash friends? May as well get something in return! Refer a friend, and you'll both get a $20 off voucher.


  • Think of it like a personalized party invite - and the party never stops! Get on the list to earn access to exclusive promotions, perks and rewards for being a loyal LL customer! You want your name on this list….

  • Signing Up: New customers who sign up for the program will get started with 100 Stars! We set you up for success!

    Purchases: Earn 3 Stars on every qualifying $1 spent to earn stars.

    Refer-a-Friend: We believe a referral is the sincerest form of loyalty. So why not get rewarded for that!?  You and your friend will both receive a $20 coupon for your purchase of $50 or more, once your friend completes their purchase. You can refer as many friends as you like! Shout it from the damn rooftops!

    Birthday Stars: Celebrate your birthday with an additional 500 Stars!

    Reviews: Leave a product review on HERE for 100 stars.

    Spread The Love: Follow us on Twitter or Instagram, or share us on Facebook or Twitter for up to 25 Stars.

  • It’s an exclusive, and we only accept --  NAH we’re just kidding… That’s not the Lash Line way. This program is for ANYONE who wants to collect stars and be rewarded! It’s Free to sign up and you can get your name on the list HERE.

  • If you or one of your referrals recently cancelled a purchase or made a return, this could affect your account balance.

  • Yes. Loyalty Stars are eligible for redemption up to twenty-four (24) months from the date they were originally earned! Treat yourself and redeem those stars within 2 years to get the most benefit! But don’t worry - we will remind you leading up to the expiry if you have any expiring stars to use!

  • “The rewards are fire, and I've saved a bundle on my stash!" ~ Sarah

    "LASH LINE rewards are my secret weapon! I save on supplies and my clients can't get enough of their new lashes!" ~ Michelle

  • ✰ Free Shipping - 1000 Stars
    ✰ Volume Mastery Course - 1500 Stars
    ✰ Lash Lift Online Course - 3000 Stars
    ✰ Free 5ml Revolve Adhesive - 2200 Stars
    ✰ Free 2ml Adhesive - 1200 Stars
    ✰ Unlock $10 Off Your Order 500 Stars
    ✰ Unlock $25 Off Your Order - 1500 Stars
    ✰ Unlock $50 Off Your Order - 4000 Stars