5 Tips and Tricks for Volume Fans

5 Tips and Tricks for Volume Fans

by Sebrena Krywulak

Making volume fans is so satisfying - but it can also be pretty damn frustrating. So we compiled our 5 best tips & tricks for Volume lashing to try and make the experience a more enjoyable one! Nothing reignites passion like learning some new tricks that help make you better!

1. Correcting Bases 

Crossed Bases? Your ‘Lash Graveyard’ might be filled with potentially salvageable fans!! Next time you have a crossed base and you’re tempted to throw it away - Try this first!
With the fan firmly between your tweezer, wiggle your tweezer across the strip or a sticky dot to uncross them before going into your adhesive! The stickiness on the strip will help spread the bases apart. It saves your fan 7/10 times. *We're making this statistic up but you get the point. Think about it: Each time you’re able to recover a savable fan, you’re reducing your service time! These little adjustments can compound into hours of saved time in the future.

2. Peeling Off The Strip 

The speed + angle you peel your lashes off the strip has a direct impact on if your bases cross or if the fan falls apart! Very often we see artists pulling them off the strip with such intensity it’s almost like they’re frustrated! Hey, maybe you are!!!! But try this tip next time instead:
Go slow and don't lift your fan fully off the strip until you know they're firmly between your tweezers. If you haven't pulled your fan off the base yet and the tips of the lashes are crossing - readjust before lifting up.Wait until you have the control, then peel the fan slowwwwwly towards yourself and watch those bases come together like magic.


3. Tape Pulls 

Tape is your BEST FRIEND when it comes to getting those tiny inner corners! Use a thin piece of tape across the lid and gently pull outward towards the temples. This will stretch the eye (gently) and spread out the inner lashes - making isolating and applying much easier. This tip is also very helpful for clients who have heavier lids or less elasticity in their skin. Another Tape Pull that is very helpful: 1 strip of tape on the lid, gently lifting upwards towards the eyebrows. This method works for lifting downturned or straight natural lashes that may be lashing on the gel pad. We love creative and helpful techniques like this!

4. Glue Pod

A glue pod is your MVP when it comes to correcting bases and keeping your work station clean. This tool replaces a Jade Stone or Glue Ring to hold your adhesive. You can use it to push your fan into the side of the well while volume lashing, when coming out of the adhesive. Watch how it helps align the lashes into a perfect narrow base. Once you get this down - it's a reliable method to ensure your bases are as best as they can be when you are volume lashing.
Glue pods have individual little “wells” that hold 1 drop of adhesive at a time. Rotate your glue pod and drop a fresh glue drop every 20 minutes. This keeps your glue fresh and everything in one clean spot! They’re typically plastic and disposable for easy clean up between clients, but they can also be found in glass. The con to purchasing glass is A) They can break B) You need to soak them in Acetone to clean them. Lash Line sells the disposable plastic ones - feel free to check those out if you want to try some!


5. Mixing Curls

Are your clients requesting a "Wispy" or "textured" style? Sometimes this request can seem so intimidating and hard to achieve. Here’s a tip: Consider mixing curls for their mapping! For texture, try mixing M and C Curl or even C and CC curl together! The bigger difference in curls - the more noticeable the texture. The tips of the lashes will stagger themselves because of their difference in curl - creating a flattering wispiness. For added style and precision in your mapping - mixing curls by layer will make a jaw dropping impact. You can use the top layer for longer spikes and fill the middle and lower layer with a more relaxed curl and shorter lash length. Don’t be scared to mix thicknesses (diameters) or Curls together - that’s half the fun of bringing the artistry to what we do.

Now go create some magic... we can't wait to see! xo

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