How to INTENTIONALLY stock up and shop this Black Friday as a Lash Artist

Intentionally stock up this Black Friday

by Cara Kapler

Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) can be so overwhelming. EVERYTHING goes on sale, but you almost get numb to all of it. Unless you’re looking for a new TV or Stereo, do you even need to care about Black Friday? 

For our personal budget, yowza THE TEMPTATIONS ARE REAL. However, for your business, it’s a great time of year to consider spending in the right areas. There’s no secret that 2023’s economy is set to trend downwards, which can mean that small businesses are going to need to make their cash on hand stretch further.  A great way to do this is when the suppliers you buy from on a regular basis have MASSIVE sales or discounts (Like BFCM) on recurring items you already need to purchase (like products) -- this is when you stock up. 

Why?  You’re saving that profit for YOU and your business.

If you constantly use the same products -, buy them while it's cheaper on Black friday. Does it make sense to buy 10? Not always, unless you’ll use all 10 before it expires. 

What does make sense to buy 10 of?!

The things that you will absolutely use. 

Let’s give a few examples of things you can stock up on as a lash artist this 2022 Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Lash Trays:

They do not expire, and you know you’ll be using them.

As a lash artist the most common lengths we use are usually 10-13mm. When those trays are 25% off and above - STOCK UP on those. 

When you buy 5 lash trays with a 25% discount - every 5th tray works out to be completely FREE in your pocket compared to how much you’d spend originally.

Our best selling line Butter & Black has some exciting discounts happening this year. Our customers rely on these lashes because they’re jet black, they don't lose their curl, and they fan like butter (hence the name)

Go ahead and stock your cart for early BFCM by placing items in your cart and taking a full inventory of the trays you have and the ones you’ll need!

In preparation for the insane December holiday season, stock up for the next 2-3 months (xmas is madness) so make sure you have extra products on hand to make it through. 

After Care:

Lash Shampoo
When you’re retailing your aftercare to customers, saving up to 20-30% during Black Friday helps you A LOT. When you resell your after care to your clients, that discount you saved of  20-30% goes into your own pocket! When that’s $200 of Lash Shampoo - you’re earning an additional $40-60 extra IN YOUR POCKET.

Smart right?



Adhesive is the liquid blood of your business. You are sh*t outta luck if you run out mid appointment, or if you are working with expired glue. So it makes sense to buy a few extra bottles during BFCM!

All LASH LINE adhesives, like Revolve or Secret Identity, can be stored for 3-6 months in the fridge unopened! So if you typically use 1-2 bottles a month, buy as many as you need. 

Educator Kits:
Training students is an incredible opportunity for
1. Helping students.
2. Making extra income. If you’re an educator and you want to save yourself the hassle of needing to build a student kit -- Black Friday is a great opportunity to purchase the “Educator kits” we offer. They come fully loaded for Classic or Volume (sold separately) and packaged in a cute little box for your students. Not only do you save already by buying it as a premade kit - you’ll be able to probably snag these for an additional discount during BFCM. So if you’re an educator - watch out for those deals!
Again - more profit left in your pocket is the smartest move to make.

Overcoming Limited Cash On Hand:

What  if you didn't have the money up front to take advantage of the sales and discounts?

This happens! It  can be so disheartening because it can force you to have to wait to buy until you have the money.
Instead though, try looking for companies that offer interest free payment options! 

Here at LASH LINE we offer AfterPay! This allows our customers to spend as much as they need to, but then break up the bill into 4 equal payments, with no additional fees or interest. 

This makes budgeting for these larger purchases a bit easier!

That’s a very smart and intentional way to help your business to expand, no matter what the economy looks like. You’ll be working smarter and not harder, by making smart choices on where to spend, and where to save this BFCM.

If you’re also an avid amazon shopper, we have a list of the BEST Amazon must haves for Lash Artists! Be sure to check out the incredible deals on Amazon for the things on that list! 

I would be doing you a disservice if I didn't share that LASH LINE is having a massive Black Friday Sale this year!!!! So if you are planning on stocking up, make sure to sign up for Early Access to our BFCM sale where we will be having WILD savings of 25-70% off products and education! You have to sign up on our Email + SMS list and you’ll be sent the exclusive access discount! 

Happy shopping and we’ll see you in our next blog post! 

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