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Opening Our Eyes To Premades

by Megana Ramaswami


Want to know how to start a well-rounded but intense conversation with a group of lash artists? Ask them their opinions about premade. 

All joking aside, the Lash industry as a whole is very divided on where we stand on premades? Why? There are a few reasons. 
  1. Lash artists who have spent thousands of dollars, and an immeasurable amount of hours mastering their craft don’t feel it’s fair to being in a premade fan to wipe away all their experience in one fell swoop, compromising the industry as a whole.
  2. Experienced lash artists don’t feel that Premades offer the same level of quality as a handmade set of lashes.
  3. Creates more competition in the industry when lash artists who do not know how to do volume lashes can now offer this service with the assistance if premade lashes. 
At Lash Line, we think it’s time to open our eyes to Premades. 
Before we begin to share our opinion it should be stated that we will always respect the opinions of those in the industry, and keep all derogatory and hate speech out of the conversation. It is possible to express an opinion in a healthy way and an open mind. Whether we choose to agree or disagree, we are able to do so respectfully, and we ask the same of you. 
Now… take a trip with us down memory lane to 2014. This new and terrifying technique called “Volume” really started to take off, and there was a serious push back from the industry. Why? “it’s not safe!” “You cant safely isolate with volume” “They’re way too heavy!” …. Now it’s almost 2020… and imagine what the industry would be like without volume?! Sometimes new evolutions come into an industry that can change it – but change doesn’t always have to be scary and wrong. 
Let's stay in 2020 – and break down all the Pro’s and Con’s of Premades. 
  • They increase your cost per client.
    Because of the simplicity and convenience of premade fans, they tend to sell for about $40 CAD per tray for 360 fans. This will do on average 1-2 clients. A traditional volume mixed tray retails for roughly: $25 CAD – and can complete anywhere from 3-5 clients. With premades you pay for the convenience and time saved with the cost of the product. You can see the big increase in cost for the artist by more than triple! 
  • Some Premades are poorly made:
    You can find premades either HEAT bonded at the bottom, or GLUE bonded. The glue bonded premades tend to add more weight to the fan, which can increase the risk of damage to the natural lash. Heat bonded is the better option, due to no additional weight
  • Not as customizable for the client:
    You're limited as a lash artist when you just use premades. They come already made, so you are unable to tailor them to your client to the same extent you can with a hand made volume fan.

- HUGE TIME SAVER. Ever have a client who gets stuck in traffic, and she is 10-15 minutes late? And you’re booked back to back so you won't have extra time to finish her lashes? Imagine the amount of coverage you could increase for your client if you were to just pop open a premade tray and increase your speed by popping a few of those on their lashes?! 
- Not every client can lay for 3 hours! They’re either super busy and can't sacrifice the time, or uncomfortable when they lay that long.
  • Great for beginner lash artists, who have yet had the time to master their speed with volume lashing! Most of us began our lash journey learning classic. But not every single lash client wants JUST classic lashes. Would it have helped you earn a few extra dollars if you could advertise hybrid lashes using premades?! Money that could go towards saving for a volume lash course with your favorite educator. We all had to start somewhere.
  • Great for salon owners, who will not have to invest as much time and money in training each lash artist who works for you to do hand made volume lash extensions. 
I think it is important to remember that Premades are not here to replace handmade volume. Let's say that louder for the ones in the back… THEY ARE NOT HERE TO REPLACE HAND MADE VOLUME LASHING. The second we allow ourselves to feel less vulnerable and at risk, the sooner we will be able to see the place premades have in the industry.

We need to find a way to allow the industry as a whole to be inclusive to all lash artists, including the ones who do not do handmade volume. A lash artist who chooses to offer Premade volume fans is not less of an artist than one who offers handmade volume. Let's compare the industry to restaurants.
Is a fast food restaurant LESS of a restaurant than a high-end dining restaurant? NO. they cater to a completely different demographic! Not everyone has the money, or time to go enjoy a 6-course meal at a lavish restaurant by one of the top chefs.. sometimes you just want to swing through a drive-thru and grab a burger. (lol) is either one LESS THAN the other? No. There is a time and place for both. This is what we really want to stress in this post. If you take anything away at all – please remember – there is enough business for everyone, and there is room for both. 

Lash Line wants to be inclusive of ALL lash artists, which is why we will be introducing a high-quality line of Premade fans. After a lot of time and consideration, we decided to supply to lash artists who choose to use premades, while educating them on the differences and best practices with using them. 
Best Practices:
1. Educate your clients on the differences between Premades vs Hand made volume. Do not advertise premades as “ VOLUME” lashes. Advertise them as “Premade Volume, or Express Volume” lashes. Distinguishing the difference will prevent the clients from growing confusion, and allow them to have the proper expectations going into the appointment. 
2. BE HONEST. Explain the pros and cons of premades and allow the client to make the decision once they know the difference.
3.  Do not slack on your isolation! Take the same care and consideration for the natural lash by paying close attention to our isolation. Premades will cause damage when we use poor isolation, allowing them to be glued together, the same as handmade volume. 
At the end of the day – there is enough room for all of us in this industry. Premade volumes will never come close to replacing the art and precision that goes into a handmade set. The same way a cheeseburger will not replace the flavor of a AAA Alberta Beef steak with mashed potatoes and sautéed vegetables…….. but damn… sometimes you just want a cheeseburger. Ya know?! 
Happy lashing, be open-minded, and above all else – be kind to one another. 

Cara and Jessi
Lash Line 



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