Top Eyelash Trends for Summer 2024

Top Eyelash Trends for Summer 2024

by Sebrena Krywulak

We love summer, and we also love a few of the eyelash extension and beauty trends we are seeing for summer 2024. This summer we are seeing both natural beauty (lash lifts and classic lash extensions) and lots of personality (coloured lashes) We'll break down the hottest lash trends we're seeing for summer 2024. Let’s dive in!

Brown Lashes

We're sure you've already seen these everywhere. Summer 2024 is all about that soft, natural look with brown lashes. Perfect for clients fair, blonde or our redheaded clients who want to soften their features, brown lashes are a great alternative to a classic black eyelash extension. We're seeing a lot of C or CC curls for that natural look.

Classic Lashes

Classic lashes are called ‘classic’ for a reason - and they're making a comeback! With a one-to-one application ratio, they provide such a pretty enhancement to natural lashes. Worried about classics being to heavy for the natural lash? Gone are the days of the 0.20 lashes we used to use (*face palm* HOW HEAVY WERE THOSE!). If your client has thin natural lashes and cannot support the weight of a 0.12 (you’ll know because they’ll get very poor retention because the extension is too heavy) then we suggest using 0.10’s! You’d think they’d be too thin to notice — but boy are they beautiful! They are also perfect for mature clients with brittle lashes.

Angel Lashes

Angel lashes are all about that subtle, light and wispy, fluttery look. If classics and wet set had a baby - it would be angel lashes. It gives a fuller look with classic vibes. To create the angel set, grab a small “chunk” of lashes. (About 2-3D or so) in 0.05 or 0.06 to make a beautiful “spike” that looks like a classic lash. Simply grab the lashes in a closed manner and don’t fan them open. It’ll simulate the appearance of classic without the weight. By blending your small, closed lash fans with light individual lash extensions, you'll create a set perfect for clients who want a natural look that's a little more impactful than a classic lash set!

Coloured Lashes

Coloured lashes are SO fun and they let your client showcase their personality! Coloured lash extensions are perfect for festivals, parties, or to give a fun pop of colour in your usual lash set. From subtle top lines to bold bottom layers, coloured lashes let your clients express their personality! Why stick to natural colours when you can add some fun? If your client wants something different but isn't ready to commit to a full set of colour, try mixing a few coloured lashes into classic extensions for a small pop of colour. This trend is all about having fun (and let's be real - summer is the perfect time for it)!

Lash Lifts

As a self admitted lash picker - this one is personally my favourite. We LOVE a good lash lift. This technique offers a stunning curl and lift to natural lashes, perfect for clients who want a low-maintenance routine or don't want the commitment of lash extensions. Our Keravie triple keratin lash lifts last 6-8 weeks, and give the eyes an open, wide-eyed effect. They’re ideal for those clients who want a natural look, clients with straight lashes, or clients that don't want the financial commitment or maintenance of lash extensions but who still wanna ditch their mascara.. It’s all about that clean, effortless beauty this season.

Embrace these trends, and you’ll not only update your services, you'll give your clients something to get excited about! Don't forget to tag us on socials @lashlinellc - we can't wait to see how you bring these trends to life this summer!

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