20 Amazon Must Haves Every Lash Artist Needs

Amazon Must Haves Every Lash Artist Needs

by Sebrena Krywulak

Updated: July 10, 2023

WELL….. To say you loved this blog is an understatement. You loved it so much, this blog is in the top 10% of all blogs published on Shopify….. WOAH!! 

We will keep giving the people what they want……. Amazon finds! We will continue to add to this blog and let us know in the comments below if there is anything else you would like to see! 

Are you new to the lash industry or looking to upgrade your space and searching for a list of items you will need to get your lash business off the ground?! There are so many products to choose from and it can feel overwhelming. 

We have taken the guesswork out of it for you. These are products we have tried, tested, and can’t live without! 

I was a solo lash artist for 6 years, and these amazon finds are what I relied on the most! So this is my gift to you - 6 years of awesome finds, cleanly laid out for your shopping pleasure. 

This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that Lash Line may earn a small commission on any qualifying purchase made through these links at no additional cost to you. 

Scotch Squares

Everyone has their go-to fanning method when it comes to volume or mega volume lashing. For me, “the scotch dot” method is my absolute favorite. I started out doing ‘the lonely fan’ method and eventually the lash strip would love its stickiness and my fans would crumble. THE FRUSTRATION. That’s when i found the scotch squares.  The sticky adhesive of the dot is strong enough for holding your fan securely while you fan. It isn't too gummy that it pulls on the fan when you try to lift it off -- so your fans stay perfect. 

I use 1 per client to keep it nice and sanitary. 


Sterilizing Tray 

Clean tools are critical to health of your clients and your business! 

Sterilization is preferred for “semi-critical’ tools. These are tools that make contact with mucous membranes (any eyelash extension tools). 
To use: pour disinfectant into the sterilizing box, close the lid, and soak your tweezers and other implements for the recommended time. Replace disinfectant according to manufacturers instructions. 

sterilizing tray for lash artists


Tattoo Bottle (Shampoo Rinsing Bottle) 

Starting your appointment with a lash shampoo is such an important step. Rinsing the shampoo off can feel really daunting when you don't have the right tools. I was recommended this tattoo bottle because of the angled spout, it makes rinsing my rinse + repeat shampoo a dream. 

Lash Pillow + Caddy

You’ll buy it once and thank yourself during every appointment. I love the flat sides so I can set my tile securely. The divot in the pillow makes it clear where the client puts their head and holds it comfortably in place. 

Lash Pillow 

faux leather makes it easy to wipe clean 


I like the caddy for the flat and secure acrylic top. 

Ring Light 

When I started lashing - there were no affordable dupes for ring lights or esthetics lights. We had no choice but to buy a $400 Glamcor or Ringlight. BARF. Lighting has come a long way and it's so much more affordable! These lights can sometimes be finicky - but most times they last for years. I like the 18” so i have a large enough light to have clear visibility. I also use 2 - one on each side! Shine bright on those lashes and you wont have any stickies! 


Is the Co-Owner of Lash Line really telling you to buy your disposables on Amazon?! *Clutches pearls* Even though we sell them here!?  

YES because in all seriousness - our job is to help you find the best deals and keep that money for YOU. Iim not going to lie - amazon gets a much better margin on some items than we can as a business! 

Mascara Wands

Lint Free Applicators 

Popsicle Sticks  

These seem funny at first, but they are made of wood and easily recycled. I use these with a lint free applicator to apply my super bonder and primer  instead of needing 2 plastic applicators. The stick stops the excess product from leaking down and helps me grab each lash to coat it properly. 

Massage Table Cover + Leg Pillow

I’ve learned that a comfortable client, is a STILL client. When they lay still, it allows us to be precise and much faster. Do yourself a favor and set them up for the lash nap of their dreams 

Here are the comfortable table toppers I love! 

Leg Pillow 

Table Topper


Lash Room Decor

Everyone has their own preferences on decor. Set aside a little but of time and money to make your lash environment inviting for your clients! Think about what would be welcoming and inviting for you and build from there. For me, I love plants along with some classy accents to make my space feel chic with welcoming energy. 

Artificial Eucalyptus 

Faux Plant

Square Reader 

We’ve spoken a lot about how brilliant it is to offer a debit and credit option. You only pay $0.10 when someone days debit and theyre prompted to tip you - which is a win win! Pay just 2.65% per chip & PIN, tap or swipe for Visa, Mastercard, American Express and international credit cards, and $0.10 per Interac debit chip & PIN or tap. No long-term contracts, no monthly fees.

Fine point sharpies

for mapping that work on gel pads and foam tape.

Disposable Dental Bibs 

I’ve literally bought these exact dental bibs 5+ times. That’s a couple thousand. So thats how you know they’re good. This keeps your pillow sanitary between each client.

Photo Boxes For Tile Storage 

These are the perrrrfect size for storing a lash tile for inside your lash cart. It will keep them dust free and away from the elements. Remember - sanitation is key!


This handy guy tells you what your humidity and temperature are like in your space to make sure your glue will be A+

Esthetics Table 

You may be wondering what made me choose an esthetics table over a massage table. After 6+ years of lashing, I still have my amazon esthetics table and it was worth every penny. It has no restrictions for your legs which makes you much more comfortable during those long work days. It also has the ability to adjust for raising the table foe pregnant clients. (If you don't know what i mean by this, head to a previous blog post on protecting pregnant woman during lashing) Many of my clients over the years have gotten pregnant and i’ve been able to accommodate them and make them comfortable. For some, it was comfortable enough to give them a restful sleep eerytime they came for a fill, which she so deserves. Long story short -- it’s worth it. PS: I strongly suggest choosing black. I have friends who have the white option and blue denim from clients jeans will stain the material. You’re welcome! :P

Echo Dot With Clock

The best water bottle to keep you hydrated! 

Color Changing Silica Beads (reusable)

I used these silica beads instead of rice in my glue jar. I always found these worked great. I like the ability to detect when they aren't working anymore. They’re clear and change yellow when they have absorbed their capacity in moisture (protecting your glue)  -- When that happens, pop them in the oven and bake them back to clear!



This is the one I used for years. I love the boujee light, the backlight display and the ability to do warm or cool mist. In summer, I used cool to help bring down the temperature in my room. In winter, the warm steam was a lovely touch. It has a remote too, because who wants to get up?


Lean In (Book)

This book changed my life. Sheryl is the COO of Facebook (Now Meta) She explains how women can overcome the hesitation women can have to truly lean into their careers. She discusses the wage gap, biases, and shares so many inspiring stats that made me literally ask for the opportunity to own Lash Line. I'm tellin’ ya. I loved this book. I hope you find it as inspiring as I did, and run a little faster toward your dreams!

Wireless Doorbell 

When I rented a room as a lash artist, I would never know when my client had walked into the waiting room or if they had even arrived. That can leave you open to 1. Getting the crap scared out of you and 2. Always unsure when someone is walking in. It’s just smart safety. This doorbell is wireless and makes a *DING* every time the door opens. 


Yoga Blocks 

Need to elevate your lash tile? For at home practice, or comfortable ergonomics - the yoga block is perfect to set your tile on to raise it closer for easier visibility on the eyes.


Bose Speaker

Whether it's Spotify, or a true crime podcast, your clients deserve more than an iPhone blasting on max volume. Upgrade to a nice little speaker for a superior sound and overall experience for the client. It also works well to cut down pesky background noise from a loud neighbour or incessant construction.


Yoga Pants

Work in comfort with these soft and stretchy yoga pants. Comfortable wear all day long for those lengthy lash appointments! 
(Fun Fact: Sebrena and Cara practical LIVE in these! They're dupes for Lululemon!)
Books for Inspiration:
You know how much we love to learn and grow as humans, not just Lash Artists or business owners. Two recommended reads are 'The Mountain is You' by Brianna Weist and 'Untamed' by Glennon Doyle. Grab them for some post-session relaxation and inspiration.
Untamed (Book)
Try out the best press-on nails you'll ever use and our favorite mascara for your daily beauty routine!
Lash Studio Equipment and Decor
Deck out your studio with a comfy, height-adjustable stool, stackable organizers, drawer organizers, and neon signs to brighten up your workspace. Check out our picks!
Practical Tools and Organizers 
Never lose a tool again with this organizer, and keep your studio sanitary with this continuous spray for sanitizer.
Last but not least, create personalized take-home aftercare kits for your clients with these lovely bags.

So friend -- remember that investing in your environment, in the comfort of your clients and in your business, is always a great idea. If you have any questions or other product requests you’d like to see - let us know!

From our Amazon cart to yours, happy shopping! Xo 


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