3 Tools You NEED for Volume Lashing

3 Tools You NEED for Volume Lashing

by Sebrena Krywulak

Picture this: you're out for dinner at a 5 star restaurant and the chef is using a butter knife to cut his produce. Or… you’re getting a haircut and your hairstylist is using craft scissors to cut your hair and a leaf blower for your blow dry. It’s laughable because it just wouldn’t happen. 

The same is true for you as a lash artist. You need quality tools to create quality work. Purchasing professional lash supplies is an investment, but will save you time. And you know the saying.. Time IS money! 

Today we’re sharing the three tools for volume lashing you won’t be able to live without! 

Butter and Black Lashes 

We’re biased - but these lashes are the BOMB. They’ve proudly earned a 4.9 star rating on our website and for good reason.

To create incredible volume sets you will need exceptional quality lashes. Butter & Black lashes will help you do just that! 

Our lashes are created using the darkest shade of black available, with NO BLUE HUE, and no shiny and plasticy look! This allows artists to create their lash sets as bold or soft as the client desires!

best Canadian lashes

Mimicking our own natural lashes, the fiber used for Butter & Black are created with (Korean PBT) which is extremely porous for premium attachment to the natural lash. Think of it like holding hands (so cute right?). It’s like entwining your fingers for the strongest hold. With both the natural lashes and our Butter & Black extensions being porous, they firmly hold onto each other for incredible retention.  Stronger attachment = Longer Retention!

Consistent and Reliable Adhesive 

Not all adhesives marketed for volume lashing are the same. You will need to take into account your experience level, and the stats of your lash room. This is why we don’t carry just one adhesive! 

Best Lash Glue for Volume Eyelash Extensions?

We recommend Revolve - it’s consistent, and our best seller year round! 

Dry Time : 0.5 - 1 second

Humidity: 25-75% Humidity (works best at 40%)

* Perfect for DRY AND HUMID environments! * 

Temp: 19-21 Degrees Celsius 

Best Volume Lash Glue for Summer?

Secret Identity is our best selling volume lash glue in summer. Consider it Revolves hotter older brother. It has a huge temperature and humidity range, and is incredibly flexible when the temperature is unpredictable in the summer. 

Dry Time : 1 second

Humidity: 25-75% Humidity 

* Perfect for DRY AND HUMID OR HOT Environments!

Temp: 18-26 Degrees Celsius 

best volume lash glue

Your Perfect Pair 

Finding your match made in heaven aka the best tweezer for volume lashing is a must if you’re going to create consistently amazing lash sets. Here are a few considerations to make when choosing the perfect pair of tweezers for you. 

What type of eyelash extension set are you creating -  Volume or Mega Volume? You will use different tweezers for different techniques.

Tweezer grip + weight – do your tweezers feel comfortable in your hand? Are you able to apply lash extensions ergonomically? Your tweezer should not be too heavy – this could affect your wrist and joint health.

Are you using your tweezer for crystallized fans? Choosing the right pair to pick up crystallized fans will help you cut down your service time further. (We recommend our Curved tweezer for this)!

Tweezers are not one size fits all, and there are many variations of tweezers. Choosing the right pair of tweezers is very much a personal preference.  You should make your final decision on the factors above.


Here are our best sellers

Lash Line’s Best-Selling Volume or Hybrid Tweezers: 

  1. She Hook’d
  2. Pro 45
  3. Boot XL
  4. Boot

 Which tweezer is best for Mega Volume?

Lash Line’s Best-Selling Mega Volume Tweezer:

  1. She Hook’d
  2. Pro 45
  3. Get Bent

With the right tools, we know you can make magic! Need recommendations?! We’re always here to help! Contact us and we’ll help you choose the perfect products for Volume Lashing! 

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