You're New To The Industry? Your Ultimate Lash Extension Training Guide!

by Sebrena Krywulak

Maybe you're new here and you don't have any experience yet in the Lash Industry. 

It can be overwhelming finding the right fit for your training! There are so many different courses out there - Classic Training, Volume Training, Online Courses, etc. 

It can be hard to narrow down which course you need to take first! We're here to help - we're going to give you all the information you'll need to know about where to begin, which is the best lash extension training course for you, and what your initial investment into your new lash career will look like. 


We currently offer in person training in:

Edmonton, Alberta

Vancouver, British Columbia

London, Ontario


What type of training do I need to take + what's the price?

If you don’t have any training and are just beginning, you need to take Classic Lash Extension Training first. Once you master Classic Lashes, you feel comfortable with your new skills, and you have received your certificate you can move on to the Volume Lash Extension Training Course (Volume extensions are usually the most popular with clients, but you need to be certified in Classic first).

Our Classic Course is held over 2 days and you will learn all the fundamentals needed for how to do lashes! We cover theory, hands on practice, sanitization, building your business, etc!

You do 3 live models in class, and then go home to complete a practicum of up to 10 models to earn your certification.

Class sizes are always small so you get tons of one on one help. We help you every single step of the way and offer lifetime support to all our students.

Lash Line is a fully accredited academy - so you can have confidence that you’re learning everything you possibly need to in order to excel!

The price for the Classic Lash Course is $1597 + tax for the two day program. This includes an amazing student kit full of products you’ll need to start you off in your Lashing Career (valued at $650).

Your training will never "expire" so you can take as much time as needed to complete your Classic models at home. We have some students who finish in 6 weeks, and others who have taken up to a year to practice their newfound skills.


If Volume Lashes are more popular with clients when can I take my Volume course and why do I need to take a Classic Course first?

 You'll need to take the Classic Lash Course first because Classic lashing is much easier to learn. The diameter of each eyelash extension you will use is thicker than Volume lashing. This makes the lashes easier to grab. Classic lashes are 1:1 (one eyelash extension to each natural lash). You need to build muscle memory and it is easier to practice with Classic eyelash diameters!


You can register for our Volume Course as soon as you’re certified and feel comfortable and confident in the new skills you have learned and you feel you’re ready to move on to the Volume Course!

The Volume Course on its own is $1294 plus tax.


What if I want to take both the Classic and Volume courses through Lash Line? Is there incentive to register for both?

Lash Line offers a Bundle training option! You pay for both the Classic Course and the Volume Course upfront but you will save $500.

Our Bundle price is $2391 (plus tax) but this offers a savings of $500.

There is a deposit of 50% due up front, and the remaining tuition is due 2 weeks before your Classic Course start date.


If I choose the Bundle option are both the Classic and Volume Course done at the same time?

No! You will take the Classic and Volume lash training separately. You will take your Classic training first and complete your practicum at home (up 10 models on your own time and submit photos to our educator). Once they feel you have met Lash Line's standards and your skills meet the requirements needed, you will be issued your Classic certificate. After you receive become certified in Classic Lash Extensions, and you feel comfortable and confident, you can register for the next available Volume Course.


I paid for Classic or Bundle training on your website. Now what?

We will send you a confirmation email within 1 business day that we received your deposit or full payment. You will receive a training itinerary with all the  information you will need to know before your training including times you will need your models, training start time, dress code, address of your training location, etc.


How do I register for the Volume Course if I am a Bundle student and I have received my Classic certificate?

You have already paid the full balance for your training so you will not need to register again on the website or make any payments.

Head to our website and take a look at the upcoming Volume training dates we are offering in your area. If one of these works for your schedule, send us an email! You can reach us at

If there is space available in your desired class we will register you and send you a training itinerary.


We hope this gives you some insight into our training and what Lash Line offers!


We hope to see you in class soon!

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