Bundle Class for Edmonton


This training course will be held at:

Lash Line 

3826 97 Street NW 

Edmonton, AB, T6E 5S8

Lash Line offers both the Classic and Volume Courses with our Bundle option.

You pay for both the Classic and Volume course upfront, but save $500 on your tuition.

The Classic and Volume courses are not taken at the same time - you will complete your Classic training first and earn your certificate before you can register for our Volume Course.

Our Classic course is held over 2 days and you will learn all the fundamentals needed to do lashes. We cover theory, hands on practice, sanitization, building your business, etc. You will practice on 1 live model on Day 1, and complete 2 more models on Day 2.

Class sizes are always small so you will receive a ton of one on one help. We help you every step of the way and offer lifetime support to all of our students.

Lash Line is a fully accredited academy - so you can have the confidence that you're learning everything you need in order to excel.

You will receive an amazing student kit full of products you'll need to start you off in your lashing career (valued at $525). You will also receive a smaller bundle student kit when you take your Volume Course.

You will take your Classic Course first because Classic lashing is much easier to learn. The diameter of each eyelash extension you use is thicker than Volume lashing. You will need to build muscle memory and it is easier to practice with Classic eyelash diameters.

Upon completion of your Classic Course you will go home and complete a practicum of up to 10 models to earn your certification. You will submit photos of your work via email to one of our educators. They will provide you with critiques and things to work on for your lash sets. Once they feel you have met Lash Line’s standards you will be issued your Classic certificate. Your certificate will be mailed to you.

Your training will never “expire” so you can take as much time as needed to complete your Classic models at home. Some students finish as quickly as a few weeks, and others take up to a year to practice their newfound skills.

You can register for your Volume course as soon as you have received your Classic Certificate.

If you are a bundle student, have received your Classic certificate and are looking to register for your Volume course, take a look at the upcoming Volume training dates in your area. If one of these fits your schedule , send us an email! You can reach us at support@lash-line.com

If there is space available in your desired class we will register you and send you a training itinerary!

*Once you've completed the Classic course, and you've received your Classic certificate, we will coordinate to find which date works best for you to take the Volume training course.

You are training from 9-6pm sharp both days. Please wear all black attire. *PAYMENT IS NON REFUNDABLE BUT CAN BE TRANSFERRABLE TO DIFFERENT *AVAILABLE* COURSE DATES

These are the times you will need your models for training.




9:00am & 12:30pm

*3 models in total
*please let them know the service is FREE but you are just learning the art of applying eyelash extensions
*also you will need them for 3 hrs each
*choose very reliable people for your models
*Please ensure to bring a lunch both days of training

We are fully accredited through Lash Inc. Lash Line will also provide follow-up support through our Post-Training Certification and Post-Training Support Service. Please let us know if you have any further questions at all!

-Balance is due 2 weeks prior to the classic course date. Course Bundle pricing is non-refundable.

-A $250 fee will be applied if you move your training date

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sandy Dibbelt
Best lash course!!

These ladies really know how design a course that will give you the technical knowledge to produce high quality work! Their knowledge and expertise on lashing is phenomenal. Their standards are high and they continue to expand their skill set within the lashing industry. If you're going to invest in a lashing course, invest in these ladies! You can't go wrong with award winning Canadian lash artists!!

Jennifer Tizzard
Course Review

I’ve complete the class portion of the Classic course. The material coverage was great. Lots of great tips and tricks for getting started in the industry as well. The instructor was great. Looking forward to the next course.

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