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3M 1" Foam Tape

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3M Foam Tape is about to change your lash game.. especially for your clients with sensitivities!

This tape is perfect for clients who are susceptible to redness after their lash appointment. 3M Microfoam tape is a great alternative to gel pads. The thicker foam tape creates a wall that shields your clients eyes and prevents irritation from fumes.

Just call it your knight in shining armour ;)

This tape will be your Volume + Mega Volume lash sets new BFF by keeping the bottom lashes out of the way. Microfoam tape is comfortable for the client, and acts as a great barrier for the artist.

Win. Win. Win


Secure hold

Flexible + comfortable for your clients
Great for clients with sensitive eyes or allergies to gel pads
Water Resistant
Breathable + Hypoallergenic
Easy to write on for lash mapping

How To Use:

Measure and cut a piece of tape to fit the length of your clients under eye

Avoiding the water line, cover the lower lashes with 3M Microfoam tape
*We recommend detaching the tape to reduce stickiness for gentle removal*

Width: 1”
Length: 5.5 yards


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