• Memory Foam Lash Pillow - Lash Line
  • Memory Foam Lash Pillow - Lash Line

Memory Foam Lash Pillow

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Transform Lash Sessions To Dreamy Heaven🌙

Elevate comfort & style in your lash studio with our ergonomic Memory Foam Lash Pillow! Say adios to awkward angles and discomfort, and let your clients revel in lash luxury. A comfortable client is a still client - making your job so much easier!

Key Features:

  • Ergonomic Curve Design: Promotes proper spinal alignment for ultimate client comfort.
  • 100% Memory Foam: Experience the plush feel of high-quality memory foam.
  • Side Pocket Storage: No more losing your mascara wands mid-appointment! 
  • Contoured Headrest: Keeps head and neck in an optimal position during lash applications.
  • Stylish & Supportive: Enhances not just comfort but also your studio's aesthetics.

Perfect for lash artists prioritizing client comfort and sleek studio decor. Make every lash session a heavenly experience!

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