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 The perfect tool for any lash artist seeking precision and accuracy in their work. 

With a 45-degree angle and sharp tip, these tweezers are flawlessly designed for any fanning method. The flexible body allows for a comfortable grip during extended use, making it easy to create beautiful lash sets with ease.

Handmade with care, the Pro 45 Tweezer is crafted from high-quality Japanese stainless steel for durability and longevity. This means you can use them repeatedly without worrying about rusting or dulling.
These tweezers are perfect for easily creating the perfect fan, whether you are a beginner or an experienced lash artist.

The sharp tip and flexible body allow for precise and accurate placement of lash extensions, making your work effortless and stunning.

Don't just take our word for it, one satisfied customer exclaimed, "I love these tweezers. They are precise and sharp and easy to use!" With the Pro 45 Tweezer, you can achieve the flawless lash sets you dream of.
Another artist said
" The Grip !! I love my new tweezer. The grip is out of this world. I use it for isolation, too and it works great for me" 😍

Fanning Methods:
Shimmy, Flower Boquet, The Lonely Fan, Scotch Dot, Peel and Stick, Pinch, Weave, and any other one you can think of! We've yet to come across a method this tweezer can't handle!




Length - 12mm

Tip - 7mm

Tip Angle - 45 Degree

Material - Stainless Steel

Characteristics - Stainless Steel finish that will not tarnish in medical-grade disinfectant. When properly taken care of, this tweezer will last you for years! 



Do not attempt to file adhesive residue off of your tweezer. Instead, soak the tips of your tweezers in acetone and then rinse in water. This will ensure the tips remain Sharp and the grip is not affected.


Order yours today and elevate your lash game to the next level!

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