• Pro Bond Adhesive (5ml) Adhesive + Removers Lash Line Academy and Supplies
  • Pro Bond Adhesive (5ml) Adhesive + Removers Lash Line Academy and Supplies

Pro Bond Adhesive (5ml)

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Our Pro Bond Eyelash Extension Adhesive is available in 5ml and is one of the few on the market that can be used for both Classic and Volume lash applications. Our lash glue boasts 6-8 week retention and works great in most environments!

Size: 5ml / 0.17 fl oz
Dry Time : 1-2 seconds
Humidity: 30-55%
Temp: 20-23 degrees celsius 
Retention : 6 to 8 weeks
Color : black
Shelf Life:  2 months from when first opened. May be stored UNOPENED in the fridge for 3 months to extend shelf life.
Ideally used for: Classic & Volume
Recommended Remover: Rewind Cream Remover

Warning: FOR ADVANCED EYELASH EXTENSION PROFESSIONALS ONLY! Due to how quickly this adhesive dries we strongly recommend this adhesive only be used by ADVANCED Lash Artists!

1. Isolate first, then dip your fan in adhesive! Because of how quickly Revolve dries, you may not have enough time to Dip, Isolate and then apply before the adhesive is already dry!! ( Crazy, we know!)

2. Shake, Shake, Shake!!! This is a critical step in ensuring all the ingredients are mixed properly, and will ensure you get the best retention possible!

3. Burp that baby! After dispensing a drop of adhesive, never forget to "Burp" the bottle by squeezing the bottle upright and using a makeup sponge, lint free wipe or dental bib to absorb any excess adhesive that will spill out the top! This removes all excess air from the bottle as well to help preserve the integrity of the adhesive.

4. Adhesive drying too fast or too slow? Remember that you can tailor your environment to fit this adhesive! Want it to dry faster? RAISE your humidity! Want to slow it down? LOWER your humidity.

5. Nano Mist at the end of the appointment for 10-15 seconds to help remove any residual fumes.


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Store adhesive in jar with lid submerged in rice or silica in a dark cool environment

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