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Simply Jellin Jelly Masks

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Chill Out: Cool + Rejuvenate (Blue Tube)

Clean Slate: Pore Care + Balance (Purple Tube)

A mix of both: Our fulfillment team will give you a mix of both formulas. Only available on 3+ tube quantities.

You’ve earned some time to chill out from all the hustle and bustle of life.

Packed with active ingredients like hyaluronic acid, aloe extract, and allantoin - this mask works to cool + rejuvenate all skin types of all ages.

You'll immediately feel the refreshing coolness of the mask, working to reduce puffiness and deeply enrich your skin with antioxidants and moisture.


Chill Out - A subtle freshness and soft notes of sweetness.

Clean Slate - Minty sweetness that reminds us of an after-eight chocolate.

Set Time: 3-5 minutes (Faster when using a fan!)

Enjoy for: 20-60 minutes

Lash Artists! 👋

Looking to offer these as a beauty service add-on for your clients? GREAT IDEA! When we designed these masks, we did so with YOU in mind. These masks dry in 3-5 minutes, making them easy to apply to a client during a lash appointment (Fill or full set)




Here's everything you need to know

Suggested Add On Price: $25-$35 per application

Step 1: Apply a facial headband to cover your client's hair

Step 2: Prep the clients' skin

Step 3: Mix your mask + apply right onto the skin. Ensure to connect all the edges so it peels off in one easy piece.

Step 4: Allow mask to set for 5-7 minutes! (Use our fan/dryer to speed up the drying process!)

Step 5: Once the mask is solid to the touch, apply a tissue over the clients forehead and you’re ready to begin the lash service!

Step 6: Client enjoys for up to 60 minutes

Step 7: When you’re ready to remove, start by lifting the edges using your index fingers. Once the edges are lifted, peel off in one easy piece! We find it’s easier removing from the forehead down to the chin.

Once you’re done, place the mask in the garbage! 


Retail Potential:

There is definitely an opportunity here for retail! While many clients may be hesitant to just buy a product they haven’t tried before - they’ll feel so much more comfortable once they’ve had one with you and fallen in love with it.

Most clients will still choose to add a $25 mask add on when it means adding it onto a lash fill, because it’s so convenient! During our market research, our lash clients have added a jelly mask onto their 3+ week appointment consistently, because the $25 addition makes their lash fill 10X more enjoyable. We're confident your clients will feel the same.
A good example of this is ‘Olaplex’ (for hair) you can add it on as a treatment with your stylist and you can even buy one to take home to enjoy more often when needed. That's our vision for Simply Jellin! We don't think clients need to be an esthetician in order to purchase these, unlike other jelly mask brands. We think self-care + skincare aren't just for the service providers. WIN WIN! 


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