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Stand Tall - Volume Tweezer

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The ultimate control and precision to easily create your lash sets to perfection. 

Ideal with all lashing techniques & fanning methods. 

Our tweezers are manufactured from 100% high-grade Japanese stainless steel. Much like old-school blacksmiths, our tweezers are carefully handcrafted and carefully inspected during numerous quality control checks.



Our tweezers are built to last - carefully designed to ensure a long and durable lifespan.

A perfectly balanced 90-degree angle

Perfect for all experience levels

Polished Finish

Hand Tested

End-to-end tip-tension for a clean and gentle grip 

All Grip - No Slip 

All of Lash Line's tweezers start with the meticulous selection of high-quality Japanese stainless steel commonly used in surgical instruments.  They are hand-crafted and carefully inspected during numerous quality control checks.  We stock various sizes, styles and angles to make the application efficient and effortless, no matter your preference. 


Characteristics - Stainless Steel finish that will not tarnish in medical grade disinfectant. When properly taken care of, this tweezer will last you for years! 


Do not attempt to file adhesive residue off of your tweezer. Instead, soak the tips of your tweezers in acetone and then rinse in water. This will ensure the tips remain Sharp and the grip is not affected.

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