Achieving a Six-Figure Income as a Lash Artist

Achieving a Six-Figure Income as a Lash Artist

by Cara Kapler

Achieving a six-figure income as a lash artist requires a combination of skill, strategy, and savvy business practices. In today’s competitive beauty industry, it’s crucial to stand out and maximize your earning potential. Here are seven actionable tips to increase your income and build a successful lash artistry business.

1. Exceptional Customer Service

Providing exceptional customer service is key to building a loyal client base. Ensure that every interaction with your clients is memorable, from the moment they book an appointment to the follow-up after the service. Small gestures like thank-you notes or follow-up messages can go a long way in showing clients that you care about their experience and satisfaction.

2. Set Premium Pricing

Value your time and expertise by setting premium pricing for your services. Don’t underprice yourself. Research your local market and set prices that reflect the quality of your work and the skills you bring to the table. Offering tiered pricing for different types of lash extensions can also help cater to a broader range of clients.

3. Automate Processes

Utilize technology to automate repeat tasks and increase your efficiency. AI and other tech tools can help you manage client follow-ups, reschedule appointments, handle copywriting and newsletters, and even ask for reviews. Automation saves you time, allowing you to focus more on your clients and perfecting your craft. Some of our favorite tools:
Chat GPT, Zapier and Manychat!

4. Retail Products

Boost your revenue by selling lash care products, such as serums, shampoo, cosmetic bags and brushes. Offering these products not only provides an additional income stream but also helps clients maintain their lashes between appointments, leading to better results and happier customers.

5. Efficient Booking

Using an online booking system can help you manage appointments more efficiently and reduce gaps in your schedule. These systems allow clients to book and reschedule appointments easily, ensuring your calendar is always full and organized. Our favorite booking systems: Square or Acuity!

6. Budget Wisely

Planning your expenses is crucial to growing your business sustainably. Make sure to budget for supplies, training, and marketing. Investing in the right areas, such as high-quality products and advanced training, can pay off significantly in the long run. Use accounting software to track your income and expenses to stay on top of your finances, like Quickbooks Online!

7. Prevent Burnout

Maintaining your mental and physical health is essential for long-term success. Schedule regular breaks and days off to prevent burnout. Overworking can lead to decreased performance and dissatisfaction with your business. As your business grows, consider hiring assistants or other lash artists to help manage the workload and maintain high service standards.
By implementing these seven tips, you can steadily build a successful lash artistry business that not only achieves a six-figure income but also offers sustainable growth and personal fulfillment. Focus on delivering exceptional service, valuing your time, leveraging technology, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance to reach your income goals and thrive in the beauty industry.

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