Mastering Exceptional Customer Service for Lash Artists

Mastering Exceptional Customer Service for Lash Artists

by Cara Kapler

At Lash Line, we know that exceptional customer service is the key to boosting client retention and growing your lash business. This month, we’re sharing our top tips to help you create an unforgettable client experience that keeps them coming back for more.

Create a Welcoming Atmosphere

Your clients’ experience starts the moment they walk through your door. A warm greeting and a friendly smile can go a long way in making clients feel valued and comfortable right off the bat. A warm welcome such as "It's so nice to see you! Thank you for coming." is a great way to start an appointment.

Ensure your space is clean, comfortable, and inviting. Have some music playing, ensure it smells delightful, and pamper your client. Life probably had them running around like a chicken with no head before they arrived to see you, so little gestures like offering a blanket and tucking them in is a great way to make them feel relaxed and comfortable for their lash nap. Never underestimate the value of a safe and welcoming space for your clients. It's an experience they'll enjoy like a spa treatment.

Listen and Personalize

Every client is unique, so take the time to listen to their needs and preferences. It starts with the consultation!

  • "Do you wear glasses?"
  • "Do you like to wear makeup every day?"
  • "Have you had your lashes done before? If yes, what was that experience like for you?"
Personalize their experience by remembering their favorite lash styles, sensitivities, and any special requests. Ready to take it one step further? Remember details about them. There's no shame in keeping some notes about that client in your booking system or notes app. Here are some things we like to remember:
  • Their name (duh)
  • Spouse or partner's name
  • Do they have kids? What are their names?
  • Any exciting trips coming up or travel plans?
  • What do they do for work?
  • Do they prefer to chit chat or sleep?

Knock Their Socks Off

Often in our client profiles, we ask for their date of birth. Make a note of their birthday, and surprise them with a discount on their appointment as a kind gift from you for their birthday! They'll feel so looked after and will be gushing to everyone about how amazingly thoughtful their Lash Artist is!

Communicate Clearly

Clear communication builds trust. Explain the lash extension process, aftercare instructions, and any other important details. Keep clients informed about what you’re doing and why, so they feel involved and reassured. A big red flag is when a client isn't told how to properly maintain their eyelash extensions by their Lash Artist. Don’t just assume that your clients will know how; that's a part of our job!
Their Lash Style: Don't just start lashing them before they have communicated which style they want, the curl, the natural-to-glam ratio -- all of those things help ensure your client leaves loving every part of the appointment, especially the mapping of her lashes!

The Follow-Up

A simple follow-up message after their appointment shows that you care about their experience and satisfaction. It’s also a great opportunity to address any concerns they might have and remind them of aftercare tips. If you use online booking, you can automate this step! Write up a nice follow-up email message, and include a URL for them to leave you a review. Schedule this to automatically go out after their appointment and you can set it and forget it, while having your clients automatically being looked after!

Reward Loyalty

Show appreciation for your regular clients with a loyalty program. Maybe you could offer a punch card where they save $25 on their fifth fill or something enticing them to keep coming back consistently. What if they are on their fourth fill and debating about coming back? That reward might be the difference in retaining a client. These strategies help ensure you're taking the necessary steps to keep a client returning consistently.
Implementing these tips can transform your client interactions and significantly boost retention. Not sure what else to add? Consider researching some of your favorite brands and find what they do to reward their clients. You can find so many ideas by looking at successful brands, even outside of the beauty industry.
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