Is the Lash Industry Really Dying?

Is the Lash Industry Really Dying?

by Cara Kapler

Hi Lash Fam,

The rumors are all over TikTok... whispers are loud in the industry. So much so, it can be hard to ignore.

Is the lash industry really dying?

Honestly, kind of. But what exactly within the eyelash industry is dying?

I think much of the way we are used to doing business in the eyelash industry is dead.
But let's take a moment to discuss something. Is death or the closing of chapters always a bad thing? No. Like seasons, we have moments of growth and moments of ending – it's a life cycle.
The same artists who are concerned that the eyelash industry is dying are the ones who also complain that the industry is oversaturated. Frankly, we can't have it both ways. We have to decide if we want to survive; and if we do, then we have some serious work to do.

What within the eyelash industry is dying?

  • People who wanted a quick buck and didn’t put effort into nurturing their clientele.
  • Artists or salons that offered poor customer service and only worried about eyelash retention, not client retention as well.
  • Artists who refuse to keep growing and learning because they think they know it all.
  • Artists who cut corners. They never learned to build relationships with their clients and were just after the money.
  • Artists who charge full price but stop lashing at 70%, leaving the client less than fully lashed.
Now, let me ask you this: would those areas "dying" within our industry really be a bad thing? No, even in nature, only the strong survive; the rest will die. This will leave room for the artists who put effort into perfecting their craft, technique, demeanor, and experience to rise to the top. Those artists who have taken the time to nurture their clients will notice the positive impact on their books from word of mouth. It’s the cheapest and best type of advertising.
In every economic downturn, people's spending habits change. We are not immune to those changes, especially with a luxury service like eyelash extensions. So, before you are tempted to slash your prices and run for the hills, let's look at what we can do to add value for our clients.
  • Could you keep your prices the same but offer a complimentary 10-minute hand massage during the appointment?
  • Can you collaborate with another beauty service in your area and build on each other's clients?
  • Offering Add On Services: Brow shaping, Jelly Masks, lash lift and tint, etc!
  • Do you offer online booking to make booking an appointment with you seamless and convenient?
Embrace these changes and use them as opportunities to grow and improve. The lash industry isn’t dying – it’s evolving, and only those willing to adapt and excel will thrive.
Stay strong and lash on,
The Lash Line Team

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