Lash Spring Cleaning For Your Business

Lash Spring Cleaning For Your Business

por Cara Kapler

Hi Lash Artist, or as we affectionately like to call, LASH RAT! Spring is in the air! If you're highly motivated like us, this is the perfect time to do some 'Spring Cleaning' on and in your business.
Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Tax Reminder

Remember, the deadline to submit your taxes is April 30th in Canada. If you haven't started yet, consider requesting an extension to save yourself the penalty fees. Use websites like "Fiverr" to help find an affordable bookkeeper if you need one!

Organize Supplies

Take a moment to thoroughly clean and re-organize your product storage + inventory. Remove everything from your drawers and cabinets, clean them, sanitize, and then organize your items neatly. It'll feel freaking fantastic after.

Deep Clean Your Studio

Give your salon a deep cleaning. Focus on often-overlooked areas such as baseboards, light fixtures, windows, blinds, and the tops of cabinets and shelves, as well as the walls.

Client Re-engagement

Go through your client list and identify anyone you haven’t seen recently. Reach out to them with a friendly reminder that you're here and ready to welcome them back for an appointment.

Website Refresh

Update your website with fresh photos, revised policies, and new content. This helps keep your site engaging and reflective of current updates + content.

Model Session

Schedule a photo session with a model to capture new styles for your website or advertisements. This is a great way to be able to take your time and intentionally plan for success in your business!
Remember, clean environment, clean mind! xo.

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