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Discover the passion and journey behind our brand - this story is one for the storybooks. Discover the passion and journey behind our brand - this story is one for the storybooks.

Our mission is to support artists in full-circle entrepreneurship and build a community over competition. We don't just say that; it's core for the foundation we have built our business, which is reflected in the owner's story.

Two Girls

the beginning

Jessi Love, our Founder, started LASH LINE solo in 2015, launching products and education. Jessi eventually trained our now Co-Owner, Cara Kapler, as a LASH LINE classic eyelash student, and immediately noticed the potential. After two years of mentorship and a flourishing dynamic, they became business partners for LASH LINE in 2018. Since then, the duo behind LASH LINE has expanded to new heights and has trained hundreds of artists across Canada while supplying our products worldwide. While we started out as a 100% business-oriented company with no intentions of becoming friends, life had other plans. Jessi and Cara have become best friends, surrogate sisters, and an undeniable business duo.

Together will always be better. Here are a few of our proudest moments so far:

  • Award Winning

    We might not be the biggest brand, but we were recognized as the best! In 2020/2021 - LASH LINE was proud to bring home the National Association of Lash Artist Award for "Best Customer Service". This moment of industry recognition was so humbling to us, and we couldn't have done it without our incredible customers and team members! Now, we've got a rep to uphold!

  • Going the Distance

    Our adventures in Seoul, South Korea. Line doesn't just spit talk. We constantly work to separate ourselves from everyone else in this industry. As a brand that embodies human connection, nothing beats going personally to introduce ourselves and build lasting relationships. Jessi and Cara's adventure solidified long-term relationships with our most iconic products. To have met extraordinary manufacturers and shook hands with them in person while learning deeper product development knowledge. Read more ...

  • Business Number Two

    Here's A Clue: It's A Goo. When in Korea, we developed a unique, never been accomplished Jelly Mask formulation with NO WATER. What does that mean? Spa-level skin care for you and your clients, with results that won't be diluted by water. Intentionally formulated, using EWG 1-2 level clean ingredients, and two years of trial and error. Developed with Lash Artists in mind.