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Is this course for beginners?

This course is designed for Lash Artists who already have volume lashing experience and want to master their craft through advanced techniques. If you only know Classic as of now, this is a good segway into volume, but you may need additional support.

Do you get a certificate?

Hell yeah, you do! A sexy certificate with your beautiful name on it.

Will I need any other products?

If you bought the kit, you are set up for success! The only other products you may need are the Scotch Squares. Here's the link to buy those on Amazon.

Is there a minimum age limit to take this course?
If you are under 18 (no younger than 14) you would need parental consent. Also, it does require self-motivation to grow a business after the course. Just ensure they would receive guidance from someone at home for additional support.

Do I Have To Take Classic Before I Take Volume?

You'll need to take the Classic Lash Course before your Volume Course because Classic lashing is much easier to learn. The diameter of each eyelash extension you will use is thicker than Volume lashing. This makes the lashes easier to grab. Classic lashes are 1:1 (one eyelash extension placed on each natural lash). You need to build muscle memory, and it is easier to practice with Classic eyelash diameters.

How Long Do I Have To Complete The Course?
You can feel free to take as much time as you need to complete your practicum portion! However, In our experience, students who make quick progress after their practicum have the easiest time maintaining their newly developed skills. You'll have the knowledge and muscle memory fresh for taking your practicum models all on your own.

Is The Course Refundable?

Due to the expenses of paying educators and support staff, our courses are nonrefundable. If you need to change your date, please email us at support@lash-line.com within 72 hours of your training.

What Time Is the Course?

You are training from 9-6pm sharp. Please wear all black attire.

Get Ready, There's A Lot.

⊕ Certificate Upon Completion! Display It With Pride

⊕ Ditch The Guesswork - Choose the Right Lashing Technique For Any Occasion

⊕ Full Kit

⊕ Lash Live With An Educator

⊕ Lash Worksheets To Take Home!

⊕ Videos + Hands On Practice

$450+ contents of pure lash MAGIC in terms of lash products!

  • Beginner Friendly Adhesive
  • Lash Line Cream Remover
  • Lash Line Primer
  • Butter & Black Mixed Trays - 4 trays in varying curls and thicknesses!
  • Under Eye Gel Pads
  • Lash Line Rinse + Repeat Lash Shampoo
  • Lash Line Shampoo Brush
  • Lash Line Nano Mister 
  • A White Lash Tile
  • 2X Tweezers
  • Flocked applicators
  • Microsticks
  • Adhesive film
  • Dental Mirror
  • Hypoallergenic medical tape
  • Medical Mask
  • Mascara Wands
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Scissors

    * Please note: Bundle Students receive a condensed kit, to not double up on items like a Nano Mister, Scissors, Etc.

You'll receive your certificate on the day of! There is no practicum required.

Time you will need your model for training.


2:00 pm

*1 live model in total
*please let them know the service is FREE but you are just learning the art of applying volume eyelash extensions
*also you will need them for 3 hrs each
*choose a very reliable person for your model

We are fully accredited by Lash Inc. Lash Line will also provide follow up support through our Post-Training Certification and Post-Training Support Service. Please let us know if you have any further questions at all!

  -A $250 fee will be applied if you move your training date

✔️ In-depth & Fully Accredited Curriculum✔️ Lifetime Access + Support✔️ Includes Client Profile PDFs + Waivers✔️ High-Quality Kit Valued at +$450✔️ Our Educators Are Industry Leaders ✔️ 2020/2021 NALA Customer Service Winners ✔️ Trusted Industry Leader Since 2015✔️ Professionalism / Personal Ethics✔️ Business Management✔️ Sterilization & Sanitation✔️ Client Management + Retention✔️ Social Media + Producing Content✔️ Proven Marketing Strategies for Successfully Filling Your Schedule

2 New Services

After this course, you can start offering Hybrid + Volume lash services to your menu. Double the impact. Double the reasons to register!

Learn How to make 2-7D lash fans by hand. Learn How to make 2-7D lash fans by hand. Learn How to make 2-7D lash fans by hand.

The Curriculum

History of Volume
Volume VS Clusters
Cons of Using Pre-made Fans
Diameter Guide
Weight Limit VS Wrap Limit
Problem Solving - Capping & Stacking
Fan Creation - Multiple Methods
Placement & Direction
Fan Correction

Glue Dipping
Adhesive Tricks
Layer Protocol
Pick Up/Fan Grabs
Multiple Application Methods
Volume Fills
Volume Removals
Social Media Prep
Building Your Business
Building Your Brand

Available in Vancouver, Edmonton and London! Need help registering? we're here to help! Chat with us below.