Lash Extensions Are Here To Stay In This Economy

Lash Extensions Are Here To Stay In This Economy

par Cara Kapler

Hey Lash Enthusiasts!
Welcome to the new era of 2024, where the only thing more resilient than our spirits are the bad-ass lashes we're crafting, hopefully with Butter & Black... 😏
In an age where economic uncertainties loom everywhere, one truth remains unshaken: Women LOVE their lashes, so eyelash extensions are surviving the downturns. Here at Lash Line, we're not just navigating the storm; we're leading the charge, ensuring that you, our valued lash community, emerge as the best version for you and your lash business in 2024.

Economic Fluctuations: A Time for Beauty Services to Shine

Historically speaking, beauty products and services go up during tough economic times. The psychology behind the shopping pattern is that people want to feel better to receive some reliefs of life's burdens. The expression "look better, feel better" is a great way of feeling your best self, even with the stresses of life. When we look our best, we can feel our best to take on anything life throws at us. Lean into this with how you are marketing yourself! "{Client's Name} left here looking and feeling amazing. You can feel like that too if you book your eyelash appointment today!" This connection of adding a feeling into the service you offer has a high chance of resonating and leading to a new booking notification!

Elevating Self-Care to an Art Form

Especially during turbulent times, self-care stops being trend status to becomes a vital necessity to keep going. Your clients seek confidence and relaxation in their beauty routines, making each lash appointment not just a service, but a sanctuary. It's more than just enhancing beauty; it's about boosting their confidence and providing a haven of relaxation. Emphasize the transformative power of a lash session, a rejuvenating escape from the chaos of the world. So make your space somewhere they cant wait to come to, an oasis of comfort. A comfortable bed, a warm blanket and a safe space to unwind. Elevate their experience... (literally, if you use an Ergo Electric Beauty Bed). Remember, appointments aren't enjoyable if their back is hurting the entire time, so investing in a comfortable bed is truly an important consideration to make. Those details will ensure you stand out!

Maximizing Value: The Investment in Sustainability

Budgets may be tighter, but the value of feeling empowered and self-assured is priceless. Highlight the time saving and confidence boosting benefits of eyelash extensions: the ease of a maintenance-free beauty routine, the time saved on daily makeup application, and the perpetual glow of waking up feeling and looking fabulous. Position lash extensions not just as a luxury, but as a wise, uplifting investment in personal well-being and efficiency. This appeals to a far greater population than you'd think. You cannot put a price on waking up and being out the door ready!

Innovation: The Key to Accessible Luxury

Sure, Mega Volume sets might make you the most profit on your service menu - but if they aren't selling a ton, you need to adapt your approach. Start advertising more affordable services, Classic or Hybrid lashes or even a Lash Lift. These more affordable services are a gateway to get even the budget minded clients in your studio and booking services. Don't sleep on those more "natural" services. Those clients are loyal, returning, and as low maintenance as their lashes! Offering and showcasing these services are a sure way to appeal to everyone, and make even the more luxurious services accessible.

Strategies to Keep Your Books Full and Hearts Engaged

The current economic landscape is no match for our creativity and dedication as lash artists. Here are a few strategies to keep your clientele engaged and your schedule bustling:
  • Bundled Bliss: Combine lash fills with a jelly mask, hand massage, facial or other high value item at a discounted bundle. Better yet, offer one for free to a full set client to incentivize them to book in. You're increasing their perceived value, while getting a client on your books. Another idea? Include a lash shampoo as a free bonus! Clients LOVE this.
  • Celebrate Loyalty: Your most devoted clients are your greatest asset. Show your appreciation with unexpected rewards, exclusive offers, and personalized touches that make them feel valued and unique. Little gestures like remembering their birthday or other aspects about your clients is a sure way to build a lasting connection with them.
  • Engage, Entertain, Educate: Amplify your online presence with captivating before-and-after visuals, essential lash maintenance tips, and a sprinkle of humour to keep your audience engaged and invested in your brand's personality. Humour is an attractive quality, and if you have a sense of humour, or another stand out aspect to your personality -- showcase it! That energy is magnetic and engaging.
In the world of eyelash extensions, we embrace the challenges and opportunities. In 2024, let's continue to inspire, uplift, and transform, one lash at a time.
xo Lash Line

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