• Step One Pro Dry Lash Lift Glue - Lash Line
  • Step One Pro Dry Lash Lift Glue - Lash Line

Step One Pro Dry Lash Lift Glue

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Use Step 1's Pro Dry lash lift adhesive to quickly get those lashes up and separated! This glue is less susceptible to drying out, making it perfect for using in dry climates like in our hometown Edmonton, Canada.

Made for pro lash lift artists, this glue is the perfect consistency for high strength hold used for attaching the silicone shield to the eyelids, and to attach lashes to the shield. We recommend using only as much product as you need to decrease the risk that the glue could impair the absorption of the lift and setting balms. Water soluble, this glue can easily be removed using water or with Step 4.

Volume: 10mL

Uses: 30

Cost per use: $0.93

Additional Information

The Triple Keratin Lash Lift System by Keravie Professional is the latest revolutionary lash lifting system available in the market. Our formulations are inspired by nature, and strengthened using hydrolyzed vegan plant keratin of soy, wheat and corn and Provitamin B5. Our lash lifting system is built to dramatically lift both weak and brittle, and coarse and resistant lashes effectively and safely, every single time.

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