Soul In Seoul

We’ll go the distance - 8,338 KM to be exact!

When we say we'll go the distance to find you the best products, we will. All the way to Seoul, South Korea. In June 2022, Jessi and Cara set off to Seoul, South Korea, meeting in person with some manufacturing partners here at LASH LINE. When travelling to Korea, we had the pleasure of being immersed in the process of creating our products and walking the factory floors.

When choosing South Korea, we knew the product quality, the quality control standards as well as labour standards are superior to other parts of the world + aligns with our values here at LASH LINE. For lashes, aftercare products and other tools used in eyelash extensions - theres no question that South Korea has our vote. We came home with a deeper understanding of how the industry is evolving, what trends and products we want to share with you, and all-around respect for how each product is produced. We can guarantee that our products are produced by the best of the best. You can trust that LASH LINE will genuinely go the distance to provide you with superior quality and reliable products, because we'll show it time and time again.

Getting our boots on the ground was the best way to learn, absorb and bring all of that knowledge into the products we produce and the training we offer.

  • Jet Setting Together

    Since 2017, we've been jet-setting around the world together, racking up serious passport stamps. We were away a total of 3 weeks from home on this adventure - and honestly, it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows. We had our fair share of anxiety, fear, homesickness, and major culture shock, especially when we went wayyy off the beaten path. But you know what? Every trip brought us even closer as partners and friends, forging unforgettable memories that bonded us for life. The inside jokes and wild stories - like that time in Korea we can never talk about in public...

  • A Korean Baseball Game

    When we landed in Seoul, we asked our taxi driver for his recommendation on a "must-do" activity in Seoul. He said, "North American sports fans are tame compared to Koreans. You must go to a baseball game to experience the energy!" So we got our tickets, and hot damn, that was one of the craziest highlights of our whole trip! Picture this: singing, dancing, cheering, and bumping music - it was one non-stop party! And, of course, we had to knock back a few Terra beers - the best damn thing since Soju!

  • Michelin Star Dumplings + Soup

    We FOUND IT. The holy grail of Korean cuisine - a Michelin-star dumpling spot that still gives us shivers. Imagine this: only two items on the menu - Pork and Veggie Dumplings + Dumpling Noodle Soup. And get this; they've got little ROBOTS that wheel over your food the moment it's ready. Talk about futuristic AF. You grab your metal chopsticks and spoon from the built-in drawer, and BAM, you're in dumpling heaven. We basically ate our way into a food coma and never looked back.