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Is there a minimum age limit to take this course?
If you are under 18 (no younger than 14) you would need parental consent. Also, it does require self-motivation to grow a business after the course. Just ensure they would receive guidance from someone at home for additional support.

Do I Have To Take Classic Before I Take Volume?

You'll need to take the Classic Lash Course before your Volume Course because Classic lashing is much easier to learn. The diameter of each eyelash extension you will use is thicker than Volume lashing. This makes the lashes easier to grab. Classic lashes are 1:1 (one eyelash extension placed on each natural lash). You need to build muscle memory, and it is easier to practice with Classic eyelash diameters.

How Long Do I Have To Complete The Course?
You can feel free to take as much time as you need to complete your practicum portion! However, In our experience, students who make quick progress after their practicum have the easiest time maintaining their newly developed skills. You'll have the knowledge and muscle memory fresh for taking your practicum models all on your own.

Is The Course Refundable?

Due to the expenses of paying educators and support staff, our courses are nonrefundable. If you need to change your date, please email us at support@lash-line.com within 72 hours of your training.

$450+ contents of pure lash MAGIC in terms of lash products!

  • Beginner Friendly Adhesive
  • Lash Line Cream Remover
  • Lash Line Primer
  • Butter & Black Mixed Trays - 6 trays in varying curls and thicknesses!
  • Under Eye Gel Pads
  • Lash Line Rinse + Repeat Lash Shampoo
  • Lash Line Shampoo Brush
  • Lash Line Nano Mister 
  • A White Lash Tile
  • 2X Tweezers
  • Flocked applicators
  • Microsticks
  • Adhesive film
  • Dental Mirror
  • Hypoallergenic medical tape
  • Medical Mask
  • Mascara Wands
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Scissors

You don't want to be an average lash artist, who struggles to retain clients. You want to an exceptional lash artist, never having to worry about finding clients - they'll line up to see you!

Becoming a great lash artist requires feeling confident enough with tweezers around other people's eyes. We need to ensure you properly understand all the safety and fundamentals and meet the LASH LINE standard for training.

For this reason, you'll be earning your lash certificate, not just purchasing it.

Step 1: Complete the 2-day in-person training course + lash three in-class models with educator supervision.

Step 2: Submit certification photos for a practicum and service details for review to an Educator. They willprovide valuable and supportive critiques and feedback to help you excel. (The average student takes 6-10 practicum models before earning their 'Classic certificate.')

Step 3: Once you've completed your practicum, your educator will share the exciting news that you are certified! Your certificate will be printed out and mailed to you within 3 business days.

Bonus (optional)

Step 4:- Come back and take the Volume course, and turn those Classic skills into services like Hybrid and Volume!Sure, there are some lash companies out there who will give you a lash certificate no matter what your skill level is; we aim to set you up for the ultimate success path. Confidently displaying your LASH LINE certificate will show your clients the exceptional quality lash sets you will create.

✔️ In-depth & Fully Accredited Curriculum✔️ Lifetime Access + Support✔️ Includes Client Profile PDFs + Waivers✔️ High-Quality Kit Valued at +$450✔️ Our Educators Are Industry Leaders ✔️ 2020/2021 NALA Customer Service Winners ✔️ Trusted Industry Leader Since 2015✔️ Professionalism / Personal Ethics✔️ Business Management✔️ Sterilization & Sanitation✔️ Client Management + Retention✔️ Social Media + Producing Content✔️ Proven Marketing Strategies for Successfully Filling Your Schedule

TIME: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. sharp both days

*Please wear all black attire and AVOID consuming any caffeine. You will struggle to keep your hands steady during the course.

*There are places nearby to purchase lunch or you may bring your own.

PAYMENTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE, BUT ARE TRANSFERABLE (Please give us a minimum of 48 hours notice)

A $250 transfer fee will be applied
to move your date. IF YOU NO SHOW YOUR COURSE you will lose and
forfeit your deposit.

These are the times you will need your 3 models for training:
DAY 1 at: 2:30pm

DAY 2 at: 9:00am & 12:30pm

*IMPORTANT! Your models need to be extremely reliable!!! They will
not be receiving a full set of lashes. You are learning and any work
that is not a perfect application will be removed. DO NOT use
strangers, only family and friends you are very comfortable with. Each
model is needed for 3 plus hours. Please ensure they are aware of
this. Your final model will be close to 4 hours as you will learn to apply
lower lashes on them. Try to locate models that do not have neck or
back pain or are past the first trimester of pregnancy to avoid any

(780)242-5274 • 3826 97 St NW, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
support@lash-line.com • www.lash-line.com

Please send this important information to your models:

These are the times you will need your 3 models for training:
Day 1 at: 2:30pm (Model 1)
Day 2 at: 9:00am (Model 2) & 12:30pm (Model 3)

Models should not drink caffeine prior to arriving

Models should not be wearing makeup

Models are laying still for long periods of time. Ensure to wear comfortable

Contact lenses must be removed

Due to insurance purposes, children are not permitted to attend the lash
training. Please ensure your models understand they will need childcare if they have children.

Edmonton AB:
3826 97 Street NW 
Edmonton, AB, T6E 5S8

Vancouver BC:
379 West Broadway
Vancouver BC, V5Y-1A7

London ON:
414 Piccadilly St
London Ontario N5Y 3G3



Get ready to kickstart your lash career with our beginner Classic Course! Classic Lashing is the technique of applying a single eyelash extension onto one single natural lash. (1:1) Whether you're a beginner or want to hone your skills, this course will give you the foundation + confidence to produce lash excellence. Join us now and take the first step toward creating a fulfilling lash career!


    Benefit from more dedicated hands on time. Get the personalized 1 on 1 feedback with your educator, without fighting for attention.

  • Credible Certification

    Earn a certification that holds major weight in the credibility department. Our courses have been accredited.

Your Educators

  • Edmonton, Alberta


    As the CEO of Lash Line and an Award Winning Lash Artist, Cara brings incredible insight and leadership to the lash industry. Feel confident in the expertise + soak up every minute of her infectious energy and industry knowledge. Read More...

  • London, Ontario


    Pana is our London, ON Educator. She owns Live Love Lash London and has four team members at her salon! She is an integral part of our team and brings almost a decade of experience to her staff and students. Her energy is contagious!

  • Vancouver, British COLUMBIA


    Meet our Vancouver, BC Educator Lexi! She owns La Piña Lash Studio and has a team of her own!

    Lexy has been in the lash industry for 12 years. She opened my own studio in 2017.


"Thanks for all the tips! I am so lucky to have this kind of feedback and support!! Can't say enough good things about Lash Line education!"

- Kristie P

"If you're looking to take a lash course, honestly, take this one! I took the classic training, and it was easily one of the best decisions I made. It taught me the proper way to install extensions and boosted my confidence huge!"

- Alycia P

"The course was everything I could have imagined with a lot of one on one training. I had a wonderful 2 days with my amazing instructors and I cannot wait to be back for the volume training"

- Ruby G