In Person VS Online Training - What's Right For You?

In Person VS Online Training - What's Right For You?

by Sebrena Krywulak

In our post-pandemic world, we couldn't be more excited that our in-person courses are BACK! But a lot of us also got used to the digital world. We’ll break down the pros and cons of online vs. in person and help you to figure out what type of course is right for you!


Online learning offers a flexible schedule and self paced learning

We get it — you’ve got a busy life! And if you’re the kind of person that’s wondering how the hell you’re gonna juggle regular classes, online learning is for you! Whether you're a student, a parent, or working full time, everyone can benefit from added flexibility in their schedule. Online/Virtual learning is there when it's convenient for YOU. This allows you to plug away at your own pace and achieve that certification. That's what we call balanced personal development!


In-person training allows for real time feedback

When it comes to careers using fine motor skills, there’s nothing like a little hand-holding and instant correction to nip rookie mistakes in the bud! If you’re struggling with a technique, your instructor will be able to offer valuable and real-time feedback. They will be able to see exactly what needs to be corrected and how to make those changes. When speaking face-to-face, you are usually able to communicate more clearly to your instructor. If you prefer a class with a more hands-on approach, you will likely benefit from an in-person course.



Online learning doesn’t cost as much

Money doesn’t grow on trees, honey! Online learning is usually an affordable option because there is less overhead than needing to have a commercial location for the academy, educators, and other in-class expenses. Take advantage of getting the same quality information at a fraction of the cost!



In-person training allows for socialization and a community feeling

Do you thrive on the vibes? The group setting and energy of an in-person class CANNOT be mimicked with online learning. Working alongside other like-minded students who are working towards the same goal allows for group discussions and tips and tricks you may not be exposed to in an online course.



Online learning allows you to review the material as much as you want

"I can't remember what was said in class" Is never something you'll have to say if you're an online student. You'll have access to your videos for life with Lash Line Online. Some competitors only allow you access for a limited time.... but the way we see it - you paid for them... they're yours! Go back and review what is taught as much as you'd like, whenever you'd like.



In-person learning takes the stress out of self-guided learning

Sometimes, learning is like getting in shape — if you’re super self-motivated, you can just go out for a jog every day. But some of us need that cute personal trainer for the right motivation! If you struggle with maintaining your focus or don’t love self guided learning, in-person training is a great option for you. Our in-person Classic training is 2 days, and our Volume Course is one day. You will only need to commit to a dedicated timeframe and your training is completed. You won’t have to worry about dragging your course out or losing interest. You can have a new career in as little as 2 days with in-person training!


There is no definite answer about which type of training is better, — it’s all dependent on your learning style, what you value in your training, and your budget.

We hope this helps to narrow down your choice between in-person and online learning! Now go out and gain those skills!


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