Nano Mister


Often known as the "Fancy mist" at the end of a lash service that makes every client feel like they're at a spa!

The reason to use a nano mister:

Cyanoacrylate based adhesives requires the presence of moisture to cure.  The nano mister creates an ultra fine mist of distilled water (H2O) which allows for a sufficient amount of moisture to cure the adhesive but not too much - or you'll cause "Blooming" 

Helps cure the adhesive at the end of the appointment and reduce stinging before the clients open

Product Details:

  • Comes with a Micro USB charging cord
  • Long battery life
  • Fine Mist
  • Easy to fill! 
  • Can be filled with milk/toner for superior skin moisture (personal use) 

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Holly Rattray

Love it! 💜

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