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Cleansing brush

Best cleansing brush that I have tried so far. Highly recommend!


Very easy to work with nice and fluffy!

Easy Release Blue Tape
Shannon Johnston
A game changer!!

Best tape ever!!! Strong enough to hold and stay in place yet gentle enough not to stick to your extensions during tape up. Love this stuff!!!


Love the quality…..💕

Pro Bond Adhesive (10ml)
Kyla Gray
Pro Bond

This adhesive has been my top go to since day 1!

Secret identity adhesive

Low fumes, good consistency, easy to work with!
Highly recommend

Curved Tweezer
Emily Harris
Best of the best

These are my all time favourite tweezers - for classic and volume, they have the best grip and the easiest sweet spot. Would recommend to everyone whether you're just a beginner or a pro.

Pro 35 Tweezer
Adrienne Raczki
My new go-to tweezers

I recently purchased these babies and I couldn't be happier. For the first time ever, fanning 0.03 lashes wasn't a struggle.

Educator Classic Kit
Jendel Mandanas
I love this kit!

Makes my life easier! Everything you need to teach is in the kit!

Steep learning curve

I ordered two pairs of tweezers, and this one I haven't mastered yet. I lash from my hand, so I find thicker foot to be harder for me to use. Not as nice of a grab as the 35's.

Lash shampoo & brush

Best lash shampoo and brush that I have ever used so far! Highly recommend to everyone.


I am obsessed with these lashes. I have tried multiple brands and these lashes fan so well, literally like butter. They are such high quality, arrived fast and the foil backing is to die for - no residue left on my lash tile.

Pro Bond Adhesive (5ml)
Kirstyn Sigouin
Pro bond is the only adhesive !!!

There is tons of adhesives… but this is the one and only adhesive I still love and use. It is my no-fail go to that I can’t live without. It just comes in prettier packaging now - which I also love.


Glue is amazing! Defs one of my new favs!


Loving this adhesive!

Only problem is now my clients are all moving their appointments cause they are staying on so well now!
That’s ok!


These are so freakin good. I have tried so many brands and have been struggling so much with my fans, wall methods. Like I spend half my service cursing and throwing lashes on the floor. I was starting to think I was never gonna be able to easily make fans until I tried these! I’ve had zero wasted lashes. They fan like a breeze.!!

Under Eye Gel Pads
Brianna vanDuyvendyk

Under Eye Gel Pads

Bundle Course Lash Lift + Tint AND Brow Lamination
Morgan Kaayy

Okay seriously don’t hesitate! This course was super informative and straight forward ! I was able to learn a lot from the comfort of home. I signed up for another course before this and learnt nothing, was not prepared to start working on clients until taking this! I was able to start clients right after! The bundle is amazing. The products are amazing and the support from lash line is 👌🏼👌🏼
Highly recommend

Awesome Awesome but needs to be a little less expensive

This glue is absolutely amazing but the cost is hard to manage. If you shake it the consistency is perfect

Revolve Adhesive (5ml)
Dannielle Bowtell
The best adhesive

My absolute favorite.

Wow! Super smooth fanning.

These extension are so easy to fan with! The sticky strip is just the right amount of stick when you lift the lashes. I am very impressed with this product.
I will definitely be repurchasing in the near future.


These lashes are SO soft and hold their shape even after 3 weeks! Super easy to apply & fan smoothly true to their name ;)

Easy Release Blue Tape
Evangeline Montanez

Easy Release Blue Tape

Game changer!