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Carbon Neutral Order

Name doesn't lie

Cannot believe how beautifully these fan! They fall right into place like they want to just make you the perfect fan every time!


Butter and Black are my go to lashes!

Curved Tweezer
Diana Janvier
Best tweezers by far

Comfortable and best tweezers by far I use them to make fans and they are amazing!

Revolve Adhesive (5ml)
Glamour Lashes
Best glue ever!

This is the new glue that I never wanna change. Retention is amazing and glue lasts long.

Revolve adhesive

The BOMB! I switch it up from time to time and always come back to this Jem and wonder WHY WHY WHY don’t I just stick to it . The dry time is so fast and nothing sticks together I Love it!!

Rewind Cream Remover
Carissa Demers
New favourite remover

This remover is amazing, love the container super easy to use and works quick and it doesn’t leave a mess when it’s time to wash after!

Classic CC’s

My ladies absolutely love the CC curl for classic sets, they feel natural. Amazing to work with!
Great product for a clients first step into the Lash world 👌🏼

Get a Grip - Adhesive Superbonder

Great to work with

Super easy to fan giving you a soft and dark finish as well

The lift set up

I love this product it’s a game changer

Love these!

I tried these lashes and LOVE using them. They are so black and really do fan like butter. My sets always look amazing!! Thank you for creating these!

Butter black lashes

Absolutely love these lashes. They are super easy to fan and look amazing

The Lift Set Up -Keratin Lash Lift Kit

I am pleased with this kit so far!! I the brown lamination worked great, my first lash lift didn’t work. Still working out the steps and processing times. But the kit itself is great and has all you need to the job!


I have tried other brands M curls and Lash Line
Is by far has the best m curl

Best Volume Tweezer Ever!!

I have used this tweezer for the past 5 years of lashing. I have tried many other ones and nothing compares! This tweezer grabs the lashes so nicely and has the perfect grip. I am a huge fan!

Get Bent Tweezer

Loving this tweezer for isolation. The angle on it is perfect so I can keep my wrist in a neutral position. Definitely making life easier!!

Good but didn’t have everything

Didn’t have lash mapping

Darci Young
Primer Review

I can’t be more clear when I say that this primer is amazing! It has really proven to assist with my clients lash retention and has improved the overall appearance of each set. I will not lash without it. ❤️

Pro 45 Tweezer
Matilda Freeman
45 tweezer

It’s a good tweezer, I just wish the tip was a little shorter.



I love the trio, gives me a couple months of glue! They're the perfect size for how many people I see in 6 weeks. All the glues are just amazing!

- Super Bonder- Get a grip

I am very satisfied with this product. It is proving to really assist with retention.
5 star product.

Best adhesive ever!

I’ve been struggling to find an adhesive that works in my environment and this has had the best retention with my clients! I am obsessed


The best glue ive ever used! I will order more.