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Learn how to leverage emails from your online booking into a surefire way to get your books filled on a consistent basis!

Are you a beauty professional with an online booking system? WONDERFUL! Whether you're utilizing Square, Acuity, or Google, you already have a treasure trove of email addresses. Now it's time to turn that goldmine into revenue!

No online booking? No problem! Even if you're thinking, "I don't have online booking," we have you covered. We'll guide you through various online booking systems and seamless integration methods. Why go through all this effort? Because the results will astonish you!

Email Marketing: Your FREE Advertising Channel! That's right, it's FREE up to 1000 emails. This is not just any form of advertising; it's targeted, effective, and it's all yours. When we say it's worth the effort, we mean it.

A Comprehensive Course for All Levels! Designed for both home-based artists and salon owners, this course equips you with the strategies that Lash Line has relied on for years. Get an exclusive insight into how Cara Kapler built her emails as a solo home-based Lash Artist for 6+ years.

▪️Capture Email Addresses with Confidence:Learn to effectively gather and utilize email addresses, crafting the perfect messages for each potential client.

▪️Pre-Written Email Scripts:We know your time is valuable, so we've crafted ready-to-use email scripts tailored for your business. Turn-key because that's the kind of efficiency you need.

▪️Success Strategies from Industry Experts:Benefit from the combined experience of seasoned professionals in the field.

▪️From Beginner to Pro:Whether you're just starting or looking to enhance your existing email marketing efforts, this course will pave the way for your success.

▪️Home-based artists looking to expand their reach

▪️Salon owners aiming to boost their business

▪️Anyone interested in the beauty industry wanting to harness the power of email marketing