Adhesive Nozzle Wipes


Sick & Tired of your adhesive nozzle clogging? Or excess lash glue dripping out of the nozzle with nothing to wipe it away?




Our Adhesive Nozzle Wipes are 100% cotton and lint free, so there is no risk of an exothermic reaction! (The scary smoking that happens when cyanoacrylate touches cotton) 

For this reason, our nozzle wipes are much safer and convenient for the Lash Artist. 

You'll never put your glue cap on your adhesive without using these wipes to keep your nozzle clean and glue free! 

We know that your adhesive is your most expensive and important item in your lash cart. Help keep it clean and last as long as possible with these nozzle wipes. 

180 Wipes per Box. 

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