Easy Release Blue Tape


Although this blue tape may look similar to the leading blue tape you see lash artists using - this Easy Release Blue Tape is even gentler and peels off the skin pain free for our clients! 

Why choose the Easy Release Blue Tape?


- Brighter blue than competitor blue tape, making for brighter contrast against the natural lashes for an easy visual! 

- Pain Free Removal from skin and hair

-  1" Roll X 4 Yards long (THATS A LOT OF TAPE!) 

- Holds Secure

-Latex Free 

- Easily Tears down the middle for using on brow lifts or lash pulls during application

- Doesn't Lift on Gel Pads! 

Stop fussing with your tapes, and try this Easy Release Blue Tape!

Can be used with or without Gel Pads, depending on the Lash Artists preference.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
The best tape ever 😍😍

If there’s any lash tape I’d buy it’s the easy release tape for me 🙌🏼 It’s so easy to work with and also worth the price!! Buy it now no regrets!!!

Jennifer MacDonald

It legit does what it says, it keeps the lashes at bay, and releases so nicely when you’re peeling it off. It doesn’t take off extensions like my 3M does. I am hooked - I’m officially switching to this tape for every lash service I do now!

Shannon Johnston
A game changer!!

Best tape ever!!! Strong enough to hold and stay in place yet gentle enough not to stick to your extensions during tape up. Love this stuff!!!

Evangeline Montanez

Easy Release Blue Tape

Kaitlin Harrison
Best tape ever!

Does not budge at all, but pulls off so gently. My clients have been commenting on how much nicer it is than the other blue tape I’d been using. Just bought another for a back up even though I just got my first roll, I can’t risk being without it.

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