Easy Release Blue Tape


Although this blue tape may look similar to the leading blue tape you see lash artists using - this Easy Release Blue Tape is even gentler and peels off the skin pain free for our clients! 

Why choose the Easy Release Blue Tape?


- Brighter blue than competitor blue tape, making for brighter contrast against the natural lashes for an easy visual! 

- Pain Free Removal from skin and hair

-  1" Roll X 4 Yards long (THATS A LOT OF TAPE!) 

- Holds Secure

-Latex Free 

- Easily Tears down the middle for using on brow lifts or lash pulls during application

- Doesn't Lift on Gel Pads! 

Stop fussing with your tapes, and try this Easy Release Blue Tape!

Can be used with or without Gel Pads, depending on the Lash Artists preference.


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