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    Dive deep into the edgy realm of Lash Lifts from the comfort of wherever you damn well please.


    More than ever, many are proudly leaning into their natural beauty! A Lash Lift + Tint Service is the perfect compliment to that. This is the perfect course for someone who is ready to step out of their comfort zone. The Fast/Easy Techniques you'll learn can be quickly mastered! The difference between learning Lash lifts and Lash Extensions is hundreds of hours of practice. Lash Lifting is much more simple and doesn't require the same strain or concentration, making it a great service to fill your day with!

    • Great Income! $$$$

      You wont need a University Degree to start marking a great income! Most people dream of the days when we can make $80+ per hour.... Stop Dreaming and Start DOING. The Average Lash Lift service is $75-$100 and takes 1 hour!

    • Services "Above The Mask" Are Up 200%

      Cosmetic industry trends imply that Eye Makeup will replace lipstick! While there have been changes to the beauty industry due to the pandemic, the eye makeup market has noticed a 204% growth in sales!

    • Easy To Learn

      With our thorough training, you will be able to confidently perform the Brow Lamination service, and move onto making that money! With our step by step guides, multiple video angles and lifetime support - we know we've set you up for success!

    Eyelash Implementation

    the profit

    Taking A Chance Has Never Been Easier. We Break It Down For You! Before you purchase an online course and learn a new skill, you want to know the potential you'll have to make money at it. We’ve done the market research for you - The product cost for a Lash Lift + Tint is approx. $9 per 45-60 minute service - an easy & enjoyable way to make up to $100+/hour. Offer this viral beauty service out of the comfort of your own home. It's SO Easy to Learn! Seriously. This course is going to make you see that a monkey could do this. (Although TBH we really don’t recommend that)

    Meet Your Educator Jessi

    Our Founder of Lash Line, Jessi is a business powerhouse whose hard work is unmatched in the industry - and her passion is helping lash artists avoid some of the mistakes she’s learned along the way. Jessi is all about the people and the community she has been building. Her connection to clients and their satisfaction is how she measures her success. The satisfaction she derives from inspiring students is the source of her motivation.


    "So happy I completed this training! Super easy to follow and learned a lot. Excited to add this service!"

    - Ashley R.

    "Very informative! Glad I took this course, and excited that I can add this service to my business."

    - Elizabeth P.

    "Lash Line not only has great training courses but are just an all around amazing company to go through. The course was very informative!"

    - Salina O.