At the Ready - Pro Made Storage Tray


If you like to Crystalize your handmade fans in preparation for your clients - then this storage tray was made just for you! This tray allows for hassle free storage for all your "pro made" fans. Stop fussing and fighting to make your own way to store your beautiful fans - that only ends with them in a giant clumped ball all over the place.

Your job is to make the beautiful fans - our job is to provide you with all the products you need to make them, store them, and use them!


Each strip comes with a fine protective film over each strip. Using a sanitized tweezer, peel the thin protective film off the strip you're ready to use. Once this is done you'll see the clear sticky tape on each strip! 

Avoid touching the tape with your fingers so the strips won't lose their tackiness. Each strip will last for multiple rounds of fan prepping when taken care of properly! 

Our tray has 16 lines with rows for 6mm-14mm and come in a XL Acrylic storage case (the same case we use for our AT THE READY Pre Made Fans) Each lash card is empty and ready for you to fill with your handmade lash art!

An amazing add on to any volume kit for convenient practicing!

* PLEASE NOTE: No lashes are included in these trays

Educators interested in buying this item in bulk for classes, please email

 Dont forget to use #SHAREYOURART to show us all the beautiful work you are creating with our products for a chance to be featured!

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Chauntelle Tetreault
Love it!!

Love the design, it’s sleek and easy to use

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