3 Tips to Avoid Lash ‘Stickies’

3 Tips to Avoid Lash ‘Stickies’

by Sebrena Krywulak

You might be thinking “what is a lash stickie”?! A lash stickie is a term we lash artists use to describe lashes that are stuck together. 

This can happen for a few reasons: improper isolation, too much adhesive or not working in layers just to name a few! It happens to the best of us - even really experienced artists, and if left - they can damage the natural lashes.

Happened to you? Don’t sweat! We are dropping our top 3 tips to help you avoid lash stickies.

1. Isolate, Isolate, Isolate 

Picture us using a megaphone over your shoulder shouting ISOLATE  while you’re doing your lash sets - actually don’t (unless it helps you) HAHA. 

Proper isolation is KEY to lash health. Healthy lashes = happy lashes. Your lashes are just like the hairs on your head. They’re always in a cycle of either grow, pause, shed, repeat (in layman's terms). Not isolating properly (and lash stickies) can damage the natural lashes. If two natural lashes are stuck to one extension, one is ready to shed, and one is still attached - your natural lash can get pulled out prematurely and cause permanent damage. OUCH! 

It’s important to find the best isolation tweezer for you (it’s not one size fits all and we have a blog post for that too)! We love using our Get Bent Isolation Tweezer because of its angle! It has a long pointed end like our straight tweezer, but with a curve. It helps to isolate those small inner corner lashes.

2. Less Is More 

Too much adhesive is a no-go if you want to avoid stickies. If you’re using too much adhesive, you’re more likely to attract other lashes (we know it’s unintentional)! Good things take time - including isolation. Placing your lash extensions throughout the lash line instead of working in a straight line can help in avoiding stickies. Another tip - make sure your adhesive is dry before moving your tweezers. It takes a few seconds but can prevent stickies, unnecessary fixes at the end of your set, and keep lash health the top priority. If you’re working with a 2 second dry time adhesive, apply the lash extension and hold for 2 seconds (1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi) and then release. Now you know your extension is applied properly and the glue is dry before you release your isolation tweezer!

3. Work In Layers

Shocker - lashes don’t grow in a straight line! We have layers of eyelashes. Tape is your friend! Use tape to help you work in layers. We recommend our Pro Tape for this job! Pull back already lashed work to safely move them out of the way.

This is also great for those inner corners. You can pull the lid outwards to stretch those inners farther apart. This makes attachment easier and the risk of stickies will be greatly reduced. FIST PUMP! 

When you’re halfway through your lash set, check your work! Checking at the halfway point will save you time at the end of your set. 

Ok - these tips are great but how the heck do I get rid of lash stickies?!

We thought you might ask that! 

You can gently pull the lashes apart, and if they won’t separate, use the banana peel method to remove the extension. 

Practice makes perfect friends! Keep at it - you’re doing amazing! 


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