4 Ways to Increase Your LASH Revenue

4 Ways to Increase Your LASH Revenue

by Sebrena Krywulak

As service providers, we are always looking for new ways to fill our books and increase our profit. You’re already booked solid so maybe you’re thinking how the heck could I possibly take more on?! We have a few tricks up our sleeves for you! 

We’re sharing our top 4 tips to increase your LASH revenue this year! 

1. Target Repeat Clients

Repeat lash extension clients are our favorite. Not only are your regulars paying your wage, they are an incredible marketing tool to get new bookings! Show your appreciation by doing little things to give them the best customer experience. This can be something small like a handwritten thank you card, a $10 starbucks gift card just because, or a hand massage or free jelly mask with their service every once in a while! 

You can also offer an incentive for repeat clients like $25 off every 5 services, or start a referral program and offer $25 off for every referral your client brings in and $25 off for their bestie! 

2. Add a Product or Service

Add a service you can perform during the appointment that takes little time like a jelly mask! A jelly mask can be applied and set in as little as 10 minutes. It can remain on the skin during your clients lash fill. You can charge $20-35 for every jelly mask upsell, and that extra profit goes right in your pocket! 

3. Create Incentives 

Word of mouth is your BFF for finding new clients. Start a referral program for existing clients with a discount for them and their bestie who book with you. You could also offer a birthday discount or discounted sets for their special day! Consider a Galentine's promo with a discount for every client and their bestie who book with you during the month of February! 

4. Target Former Clients 

Bringing back a former client costs less than acquiring a new one. Send out an email to clients who haven’t visited in a while and offer a discount or a free jelly mask with their lash set or fill when they rebook! If they have decided to take a break from lash extensions, you can mention a lash lift + tint as an alternative! A lash lift and tint is low maintenance, and will still allow your clients to wake up ready to go. 

We hope these tips help you to make that money, honey! 


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