4 Tips for Lash Retention in the Winter

4 Tips for Lash Retention in the Winter

by Sebrena Krywulak

There is nothing worse as a Lash Artist than receiving a message from a client a few days after their appointment saying “half my lashes fell out!”. If you're struggling with retention, you've probably had a few scary thoughts flash through your head. "Am I a horrible lash artist?! Did I do something wrong?!"

Don't let that fear set in and make you doubt yourself. Take a minute to pause, go through these steps and see if there is anything you can improve on!

Here are our 4 top tips to keep your retention game strong! 

1. Have you heard about super bonder?! Super Bonder is applied after your lash service and adds flexibility to the adhesive. More flexibility equals less breakage! It can actually  increase retention up to 30%. It’s also great for those sensitive clients because it locks in the glue fumes and can help to prevent tearing .


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2. Don’t be stingy! You’ve heard the saying less is more, but that doesn’t apply here. Try using more adhesive! Not using enough adhesive will prevent the lash extension from getting the best bond to the natural lash causing it to fall off prematurely.  We recommend 1-2 beads of glue for Classic, and 1 bead for Volume extensions!

3. Attachment is KEY! Make sure your bases are 100% attached and not lifting! If your bases aren’t attached properly this can be the perfect catch for dirt and oil to land. YUCK! When those bases are legged, they will snag and pop off when your client brushes them out. YUCK! 

4. Placement is everything! When you are applying your lash extension, press down when you place - don’t just plop. This allows the fan to wrap around the natural lash and hug onto it as tight as possible.  You should aim for 2mm of the eyelash extension attached to the natural lash, more where possible. The more thats bonded - the stronger the extension will hold. 

Sometimes retention issues can be completely unrelated to us as the artist. So if you've monitored your environment, followed all these tips and you're still strugglin - go back to your clients and redo their aftercare consultation and ask them to go over how they maintain their lashes with you. Sometimes the smallest habit can reveal the problem. 

Personal story: One time I had a client whose volume lashes almost entirely gone after 7 days.


Every possible thought you could imagine was racing through my mind. After confirming I had done everything correctly, I redid the client aftercare consultation. It turns out she was using grapeseed oil to remove her eye makeup.... problem solved & a huge relief that it wasn't me! 

So try not to get in your head! 


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