5 Ways Lash Artists Can Level Up Their Beauty Biz'

5 Ways Lash Artists Can Level Up Their Beauty Biz'

by Sebrena Krywulak

With the holidays approaching - this is the busiest time for lash artists. You can only take so many clients a day and if you’re already fully booked how can you make more money?! We’re sharing our top 5 tips that will help you to maximize your profits this season! Get creative and make that money, honey!

1. Up-sells

Offer additional services for your clients that can be done while they are getting their lash set or fill! Add a hydro jelly mask as an up-sell for your clients. Jelly masks are applied to the face and neck and can remain on the face for the remainder of their lash service. Your clients will leave with smooth, hydrated and glowing skin and a great set of lashes - the perfect pair! 

You can also up-sell a paraffin wax hand treatment and hand massage. Consider adding brow lamination + shaping to your lash appointments! These won’t take much more time and will make bank!

2. Retail

We all know the importance of aftercare. Consider giving your clients a lash bath after their lash application and demonstrate exactly how to cleanse their lashes and take care of their lash extensions. Offering Lash Shampoos + Cleaning brushes for purchase will get your clients one step closer to clean lashes and better retention. 

You can create your own lash aftercare kits for retail. What you offer for retail doesn’t necessarily have to be lash related! Offer items like scrunchies, candles, tumblers, or your favourite skin + body products that will appeal to clients and lash artists alike. 

3. Accept Debit/Credit

Adding a machine or square with a tip option is an excellent way to bring in extra income! Most people tip their service providers, and being prompted by a machine for a gratuity will increase your tips 10X than if you just accepted cash. It is a small expense that will increase your profits and pay for itself in no time! 

4. Provide Exceptional Service 

Focus on providing the best customer service. Offering free touch-ups, aftercare education, and following up with your clients to see how they enjoyed their service is one way to put your business over the top! Word of mouth is an incredible form of advertisement. One happy client will tell one person about their experience but one unhappy client will tell 10 people about their experience. 

5. Offer a Referral Program for Loyal Clients 

Your clients already love you - why not reward them for their loyalty? Consider offering a referral program for your clients. Create referral cards that they can hand out and after every 5 (or whatever number of referrals you choose) referrals that come in from one client, reward the client with a free lash set or fill! 

Word of mouth is an excellent way to build your business and rewarding your clients for sending more clients your way is an excellent way to fill your books and keep them that way during the slower seasons! 

We hope these tips will help you to increase your profits this holiday season! Have questions or suggestions?! We love to hear from you - contact us!

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