Halloween Looks with Eyelash Extensions

Halloween Looks with Eyelash Extensions

by Sebrena Krywulak

I think we can all agree that right eyelash extensions can level up any Halloween costume! 

 As a beauty pro, you can use your makeup and lashes to nail your look this season. The best part about having eyelash extensions? At the end of the night you’ll wipe away your makeup - but your stunning lashes will still be there the next day to keep you always looking your best! (Just make sure to clean them, but don’t worry - we share  how to do that in this blog) 

Here are some looks we're loving - and some inspo you can show to your lash artist to get you trick or treat ready! 

Mermaid - coloured lashes can add a pop to any lash set. Try a vibrant blue, pale white, or dashes of green if you’re looking to elevate your costume. Makeup trick: You can use fishnet stockings as the outline and color in the netted pattern with pink, green and blue shimmery eyeshadows for a "scale" or “fishy” effect around the perimeter of your face.  A simple look to do and flattering with any lash style.

Cruella de Vil - she is probably the baddest Disney villian and with the new movie out, it’s no wonder this is a trending costume. For this look you’ll need blood red lipstick and a whole lot of contouring. A dramatic cat eye lash set finishes this look off perfectly. 

Tiger - hey you cool cats and kittens! Tiger King was a major hit last year and if you're looking for a last minute costume a tiger is an easy one to nail if you’re in a crunch. Create a tiger snout using black paint on the tip of your nose. You can add a few whiskers or stripes and a wispy volume lash set will complete your look. Lean into the “Cat” look with a winged liner. Pro Tips - use black eyeshadow to add intense dark smoke. This will get rid of the need to use oil based paints that could get onto the lashes.  

Daphne Bridgerton - if you’re going for the “no makeup” natural glow - opt for a lash lift + tint or a Classic lash set. Use a lightweight foundation, concealer (even on the lids to brighten the eyes. Set with powder to ensure it lasts all night.) and a little highlighter on the high points of the face (Cheek bones, tip of nose, cupid's bow/ upper lip. But remember, less is more! 


When you’re all partied out and the night is over - don’t forget to clean your lashes! Our Clean Sweep makeup remover pads are eyelash extension safe! Follow up with a good shampoo on those lashes with our Rinse + Repeat Lash Shampoo

We hope these tips and tricks help you to plan your best costume yet while maintaining the integrity of your lash set. Coordinating your lashes with your Halloween costume this year might even win you the prize for best costume! 

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