9 Reasons You Need Email Marketing In Your Business

9 Reasons You Need Email Marketing In Your Business

by Sebrena Krywulak

Hey beauty service providers! 

The power of email marketing is often underestimated. But the truth is, email is still one of the most effective marketing tools out there. When used correctly, email can help you reach a wider audience, generate more leads, and see a direct impact on your bottom line.

We know you check your emails. So what makes you think your current and future clients wouldn't want to hear from you via email?!

In the USA, 91% of adults like to receive promotional emails from companies they do business with. 


Social media is important, but ultimately, the gold standard of marketing still involves getting people to sign up for your email list. 

If hearing that isn't enough, here are 9 reasons why you need email marketing in your business

1. Increase Sales

You can utilize email marketing to increase appointments, boost referrals, upsell to current customers, and even re-engage customers that have not purchased from you in a while. 60 percent of consumers say they’ve made a purchase as the result of a marketing email they received.

2. It's Affordable (usually completely free)

Have you looked into how much other marketing methods cost? Facebook ads, google ads, boosting instagram posts -- You can easily sink $100+ into 1 Instagram post and not receive a booking. In most cases, emailing your clients is free. (our favourite price.)

Picture it: You send 1 email explaining a new service, promotion or appointment opening.
It doesn't cost you anything. 

4 clients book in by the time you go to bed. Cha Ching. Not too shabby right?

3. It's personalized to a better brand feel and more connection to your audience

If you’re anything like me, writing is a much easier way to communicate for me than just posting on Instagram.

1. Not everyone is on social media or sees your content on IG. Depending on how much content they have on their timeline and how the unpredictable algorithm is feeling, you could end up getting no visibility on your post.

2. Completely customizable. Add a cute headshot signature, your favourite quote, your custom branded fonts and a direct “Book with me” button and BING BANG BOOM - watch the clients start rolling in

4. You can take your email list for any future career or endeavour

That’s pretty incredible to think about. For myself, as a home based lash artist I had over 300 individual clients and emails I was able to contact when Jessi and I launched Simply Jellin on Kickstarter. Lash Line was also able to email our audience about Simply Jellin. Instead of needing to start from scratch with a social media profile - you can build a wholehearted connection with your audience and they will follow you throughout your career, wherever that may take you.

5. It works harder so you don't have to

My favourite thing when I took clients was to wake up and see how many clients had booked in while I was SLEEPING. That's the absolute best, because you know you’ve saved yourself the work of needing to talk to each of those clients, help find them an appointment, and send them their appointment details. With email - it’s all done automatically when someone books in. When they book the appointment, it captures the email for you - and then the system sends out an email automatically.

6. Easy to learn (unlike social media apps)

I have a confession: I'm 30 and have no idea how to use TikTok. Jessi has to tell me what to do. As soon as I started to get the hang of Instagram reels, TikTok happened. With email - the platform hosts always have templates you click on and throw your text into. SO EASY. It's also stayed consistent for decades - so you can rest assured it's a skillset that won't be obsolete in 6 months! 

7. Easy to measure success & share 

Each email platform will have analytics to show you how many people have opened your email and how much $$ was generated from each email. That's customized data to tell you what your audience is engaging with most

8. Instant impact

Hit send and listen for the *ding* of your online booking system alerting you to a new booking. When you send an email - the alert pops up on their phone. They click the email and see your “Book Now” button. And just like that they’re brought to your booking page and make an appointment.

9. High ROI (Return on Investment)

When you aren't paying to send an email, and it generates a few hundred dollars in sales or more -- that’s pretty incredible. You spend $0 and make +$_________.

No brainer. 

In our email marketing online course, you'll learn everything you need about email marketing, from building a list to growing your audience to crafting effective emails that get results!


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