Lash Training in London, ON - Get to Know Our Educator Pana

Lash Training in London, ON - Get to Know Our Educator Pana

by Sebrena Krywulak

Pana is our London, ON Educator and we couldn’t be more excited to share her journey into the Lash Industry with you! She owns Live Love Lash London and has four team members at her salon! She is an integral part of our team and brings almost a decade of experience to her staff and students. Her energy is contagious!


We won’t keep you waiting any longer – here is our interview with Pana!


Tell us a little about yourself and how you got your start in the Lash Industry

I grew up in a Greek family and we owned a restaurant (shocking? I know!) I have worked in many different restaurant industry settings from serving, bartending, and managing. My lash career all started out when I became pregnant with my first child. I knew once I had my little guy, I didn’t want to go back to the demanding hours of the restaurant industry. I spent a lot of time trying decide what I was going to do and I stumbled upon a Lash Course. I have always been interested in the beauty industry. From a very young age, I remember doing all my girlfriend’s makeup and hair for semi formals and dances. When I decided to make a career change into the beauty industry, I knew I would love it!


I remember going into my Lash course which was one on one and I was so excited for days leading up to it. You would find me on my phone researching EVERYTHING about the industry. When it came to placing the lash extensions on to my model’s natural lash, I started thinking to myself, what did I just waste my money on, this was insane... this is going to take me all day to do one person. I did it, and I kept practicing and got better and started to enjoy my new skills.


What does being a part of the Lash Line Team mean to you?

As time passes, I sit here and remines about my past and how far I have come. From starting my business in my in-law’s basement in the small town of Thamesford, Ontario to moving into our first family home in London, Ontario and even hiring my first staff member! Then having another baby, to now owning a salon with four employees and becoming and educator for Lash Line! The love and support I get from my team at Lash Line is incredible. We truly are one big family. Lash Line has the best professional products and training in our industry. The quality of the products really shows the how much love goes into them and the company. I am grateful to be a part of this family!


What is your favourite movie?

My favorite movie is Gangs of New York


What is your favourite holiday?

Favorite Holiday is Canada Day because of the nice weather and getting to spend time with family


What is your favourite Lash Line product?

I can’t pick just one favorite Lash Line product; I love them all!


What would you love to do when you retire?  

When I retire, I would love to be able to travel the world.


We hope you enjoyed getting to know our Educator Pana a little better! She brings so much to the table and we couldn’t be happier that she is part of the Lash Line team.


Next week we will be featuring boss babe Caitlin Gallant who is our educator in Calgary, AB.

Stay tuned.  We’ll catch you again next week!

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