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Email Marketing Is NOT Dead - 5 Tips To Maximize Your Potential

by Megana Ramaswami

Lizzie McGuire, Glitter pens and Email Marketing are all things that probably might make you think of the 2000's.... however --let's clear something up very quickly:
Email Marketing is NOT outdated or dead.
Did you know that in 2019, Global email users accounted for 3.9 BILLION users*. It is projected that by 2023 this figure will grow to 4.3 BILLION* (which is half of the entire worlds population)
If you’re doing business, your customers are using email, and you should be as well. No matter how small your business is, you have the power to reach people through email marketing 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This is an incredible opportunity for your business to grow without solely relying on social media. I'm sure you've learned that there are very few easy changes to add to a business to immediately see an impact.
Email Marketing is one of those things!
In case you still aren't convinced -- in 2019 alone
293.6 Billion emails were sent and received EACH DAY*.
Why not just rely on Social Media?
There's no denying that Socials have a great impact on reaching customers and growing your business. But what happens when the trends change, as they always have, and your followers jumps to another platform?
Remember MySpace??
There is a lot of room for error with throwing all your marketing eggs in the basket of Social Media. Instead, work on growing your Social Following AND Email Market to them!
So now that we have you convinced you should be using email marketing in your lash business, where do you start?
Our favorite platforms for email marketing for small businesses is MailerLite. It's a user friendly platform that makes email marketing as straight forward as possible.
Our Co Owner Jessi Love did an in-depth presentation for the 2021 Lash Boss Conference showing you how to use MailerLite to capture emails through a landing page, build an email, and distribute it to all the emails on your list!!
(Shameless Plug: If you're attending the 2021 Lash Boss Conference, use the code LASHLINE50 to save $50 USD at checkout! This is where you'll find our Email Marketing demonstration!) 

Email Marketing Tips:

  1. If you use online booking, ensure it captures their email addresses. If it does, you can export your customers emails into MailerLite to start emailing. So simple!
  2. A personalized subject line can generate 50% more open rates (The % of people who opened your email)
  3. Send your customers updates! They love being apart of your journey and growth. "Just Checking In"  "New Additions to the Studio!" Those types of updates are what help your clients feel close to you.
  4. If you need to begin your email list, don't panic! Start by adding online booking, a landing page with a giveaway if they sign up with their email, or offer to email them a discount or promotion. (A helpful tip: What does it take for you to share your email with a company?? Use those same strategies!!)
  5. Read + Learn about Email Marketing! This is a direct way to increase your business's revenue, so don't waste time implementing it.
Most of all, TRY. If it works for your business, Incredible. You'll never know if you don't try!!!
You got this. xx
(*All statistics from this post are provided by Statista, 2020)

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