Lash artist creating a volume lash extension set. Isolation tweezers expose the host lash and other tweezers hold volume fan about to be attached.

Volume Mastery - Pandemic Passion Project to Proudest Achievement

by Megana Ramaswami

Hi Everyone!

Cara here. I am the Co-Owner of Lash Line and the Educator of our Volume Mastery Online Course! I wanted to share with you a few of the honest Why's and How's behind Volume Mastery and how it turned into so much more than we could have planned. 

I remember learning volume and being 'good' at it. But I always wanted to be great. Little did I know the only difference between a 'good' lash artist and a 'Master' Lash artist was the Muscle Memory in your hands. The smallest adjustment to my hand placement was the difference between my bases crossing and falling apart, or award winning lash fans.

(OK, if we don't cheerlead for ourselves, then WHO WILL?!)

I say award winning because these techniques I am going to share in Volume Mastery helped me place Silver at the Royal Canadian Lash Championship for my Mega Volume work and I've won the Technique Award from the National Association of Lash Artists. I saw first hand that when I fine tuned the movement of my hands and wrists, I was able to consistently create beautiful volume fans. It stops feeling like an awkward struggle and becomes a smooth flow.... Like riding a bike. 

Volume Mastery begin as a necessary step for us to survive the Covid-19 pandemic. I will level with you, we lost a lot of sleep trying to ensure we knew how to pivot properly and survive as a small business. We spent approx. 8 weeks, 9-16 hours a day, with our heads down working as hard as we could. Recording, Editing, Voice Overs, Marketing, Prepping Emails and Banners and Building the Online Course Platform. While we were doing this, all online product orders had stopped. There were no sales. Realistically that made sense. Lash Artists and clients are on lockdown, no one is going to be needing product. The pandemic hit us with another setback when, as hard as we tried, we had to temporarily lay off some staff during the lockdowns. That meant the already downsized team had an even bigger workload to absorb (and by The Team I mean 3 people: Jessi, Me and Sebrena)!

One thing was sure: we haven't half-assed anything in our lives - and we weren't starting now! 

We knew one of the best ways Lash Line can show support to our lash artists is through Education! We had always offered in person training, and we didn't want to sacrifice that personal touch with this online course. So we sat down and began brain storming a solution. One thing artists would always ask is "Cara, I wish I could just watch you lash someone!" 

Well the beauty of an online course is that you can AND with multiple camera angles!!! LOL

After what felt like an eternity of hard work, we created "Volume Mastery". We proudly launched the program in 2020 and the feedback was enough to make our hearts explode. On launch day we sold courses across Canada + the USA! The success of this program allowed us to not only hire back our team, but it also gave us the ability to welcome new team members. What started as a pandemic/passion project quickly become one of our proudest achievements. It just goes to show that if you're willing to do the work, you can be successful. 

Take that principal with you into Volume Mastery. 

We're so proud of all the graduates who are now MASTERING their Volume Lash Game after taking this training!

Here are a few things our students have said:


Well worth the investment!

This course is definitely beneficial even if you have experience with volume lashing. It provides detail in how to finesse your work and become faster. The kit is also useful and outstanding quality. Amazing value and well worth the investment.

-Giane Fernandes


Lots of Information!

I am so glad that I took this course. It covers a lot of information on fans, placement and help with retention.
It definitely has made me look at the number of movements I make during the volume process. I am excited to put these new tricks into action when we can re open.

-Kerry-Anne George

In Volume Mastery, I review the fundamentals with you and tweak your technique to help you achieve incredible client sets in great time. My average time is 2 hours for a Volume Full Set (lashing 100% coverage). However, I understand that not everyone can be that fast - but let me try and help. After years of teaching, it's sometimes the smallest adjustment that makes a tremendous impact. That's what I want to help you see in these HD videos.

This course is the fraction of the price of an in person course and you will have access to these videos for life! 

If you still aren't sure if this course will add value for you, here's where you can go sign up to receive a Free Module from the course to sample.

So friend, I hope you'll take this as your sign to invest in yourself, because that's never a waste of effort.


All my love,

- C

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